Ariana Grande Verbally Destroys Homophobic Instagram Commenter Using Gay Slurs

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.07.42 AMChart-topping pop queen Ariana Grande lashed out at a homophobic user on Instagram this week, posting a scathing and hilarious response to one commenter who called her brother a “homo.”

Grande’s brother Frankie is currently starring on Big Brother, using his flamboyant personality and close relationships with the other houseguests to turn it into one of the most homoerotic and gay-friendly seasons in the show’s history. In an effort to help his tarnished game this week, Grande revealed to the house that he is related to a superstar.

Ariana and Frankie share an incredibly close relationship, which is why she’s not having any of the anonymous commenter who recently called her brother “That homo” on Instagram.

In response to the comment on the photo above, the usually-tame Grande gave a verbal lashing for the ages:

“That ‘homo’ is the fiercest, most incredible, funniest, most intelligent, kind hearted and most LOVED person on the face of the planet! he also cleaned up his game and told the truth to everybody in the house WHICH by the way, nobody else on the show has done. so i don’t give a flying fuck if or when he comes home!!! he is incredible and i am SO proud!!!! oh and also ‘that homo’ gets more ass than you’ll ever get in your life. k miss thing?”


Ariana has officially joined the ranks of young pop stars like Lorde and Demi Lovato in voicing unwavering support for the LGBT community. Her brother, on the other hand, may join the ranks of Big Brother legends if he manages to “get some ass” while still in the BB house.

Below, watch Frankie “come out” as the brother of a superstar to his housemates:

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  • moonman157

    Nice to see that Ariana Grande has gone from a nobody to a chart-topping pop queen in the opinions of Queerty writers.

    But I do absolutely love her. Extremely talented and seems grounded. Looking forward to her future success.

  • tdx3fan

    Oh lord have mercy shes done gone off the deep end…

    She doesn’t care if he comes home? He gets more ass?

    Lol. The boys a bottom (plain as day) and she doesn’t care if her own brother comes home. She must be a nice person normally cause the girl doesn’t have a clue how to read someone. She left holes big enough to drive a big mac through.

  • tdx3fan

    Oh, and as people (who are normally gay friendly) have pointed out on buzzfeed (your very own link) this boy is just overly annoying he thinks he is some kind of gift to the world and has a thing with Justin Beiber. We need to stop giving people a pass to a never was fame whore simply cause they are gay… it makes the community look bad.

  • no1

    I can’t stand Frank. He’s a pathetic fame wh*re. He over rates himself and his sister. She is no Rihanna. He is not a social media mogul, since there is no such thing.

  • SportGuy

    Don’t really get him. He is not that attractive and his personality seems to really like. All he wants is attention, will be glad when his 15 minutes of low class fame is over.

  • Tackle

    I find her response half good. She should have stopped at the word (done) , and not go into , ( so i don’t: ect..). And I find him to be “very” annoying. And he’s name dropping big time, which only insecure people do. And I seriously doubt if he would getting a lot of ass. But I definitely believe he’s giving up his ass. A lot!

  • Dxley


  • Masc Pride

    Cuss like a sailor and inadvertently tell everyone how promiscuous your gay brother is. Classy lady!

  • nevereclipsed81

    Love it Ariana, loving Break Free.

  • tdx3fan

    @Masc Pride: Its not like anyone was surprised he was a whore. He has been in the house for 15 weeks and he’s so hard up he’s trying to get straight guys to jump his bones.

  • Little-Kiwi

    she’s a good lass. and this post has obviously upset this site’s resident cowardly trolls , likely because nobody in their own family would ever stand up for them – you loser boys? heck – your family’s are the ones likely throwing homophobic epithets around.

    and frankie, whom i know, is a good guy. and for years has been doing humanitarian work and outreach in south africa.

    he’s already done more than this site’s miserable anonymous trolls will ever accomplish in life. and he lives out loud.

    so, rock on Grandes.

  • pressuredrop

    The adjective clause in the title is confusing and should be fixed.

    I only came to read this article because I was hoping Ariana Grande was the one using gay slurs… Not the Instagram poster.

    At least that would have been more interesting.

  • hephaestion

    Frankie Grande is also a very talented singer & performer. I saw him sing “Suddenly Frankie” with Ariana and I thought it was beautiful.

  • Masc Pride

    @tdx3fan: He definitely looks like he’s been ridden hard and put away wet. I’ve heard the show is known for being homo-suggestive, so maybe the producers told him to “gay it up” more for the camera.

    @pressuredrop: Lol that’s exactly why I clicked on it too. Especially since Queerty’s so far up this talentless 12 y/o’s bottom all the time.

  • SportGuy

    @Masc Pride:

    That’s why I clicked on it too, LOL!

  • Sansacro

    @Masc Pride: “been ridden hard and put away wet” ROFLMAO!!!

  • lykeitiz

    @no1: I couldn’t agree more! It’s not like his mama’s Madonna! I actually like Ariana, but she’s been around 1.5 minutes. I seriously hope somebody in the house says “who” when he drops his big “star” bomb. Maybe he should say his sister is Carly Rae Jepsen.

  • SportGuy


    LOL, I am sure some of them will be like wtf is Ariana. Have to agree that he thinks he has all this clout and he is far from that. Just want him to go away and take his multi colored hair with him.

  • Little-Kiwi

    @SportGuy: he won’t be going away. he’s had a broadway career, and does a lot of philanthropic works in Africa. I have a feeling you don’t know what philanthropy is, so you can google it.

    you don’t like his multicoloured hair, eh? why? does it remind you of all the things your shitty anti-gay father made fun of when he made fun of gay people in front of you? :D

  • Ogre Magi

    Wow, she sounds awesome

  • mcflyer54

    @Little-Kiwi: His “broadway career” consists of being a chorus boy in “Mamma Mia” and a part in an off-broadway drag musical called “Pageant”. Good for him for getting to Broadway (most who try don’t make it) but at 31 he’s not going to be chorus boy material for long. And, if his breakout part doesn’t happen soon, his show business career will be over. Marketing a 31 in this day is nearly impossible. If you want to see the full extent of his talent he has a YouTube channel – good luck if you can make a through a complete video.

    He comes from a very wealthy family (google it) and his philanthropy work so far consists of one trip to Africa to assist in building a school with and a trip to “teach” theater (a real necessary skill to people who don’t have food or water).

    I honestly started the season really liking Frankie a lot. He came into Big Brother a funny, entertaining, nice guy with a great social game. However, his diva like behavior as well as his unnecessary hurtful statements to and about the others has made him very unattractive. He is now the target of the entire house (including the members of his alliance) and, unless he can find yet another way to save himself using Ariana’s popularity, he’ll be out the door right after Christine and before the final two.

    Defending your brother is admirable and expected. However, pointing out that he “get more ass” than someone only serves to perpetuate the old negative stereotype that all gay men are promiscuous and can’t maintain a relationship – after all, isn’t that what your gay hating father used to say in front you? At 31 Frankie really needs to mature and set a course that doesn’t include acting like a college kid.

  • mcflyer54

    @lykeitiz: he did drop the “big star” bomb and only Christine really knew who Ariana was. He had to explain to the others.

  • SportGuy


    Wow, that was so delicious it just has to be fattening. Thank you for that insight and letting me on on his “career” and “philanthropy”! Your my hero for the next hour :-D

  • Little-Kiwi

    i actually know Frankie. that’s why i said what i said. many folks from wealthy families don’t do a dang thing to Give Back. frankie has been over to Africa many times. you greatly disregard the benefits of artistic and creative outreach.

    my parents like gays :D and they’ve met, and love, my lovers. *plural* check us out!

    click my name to see me. and some of them ;-)

    he’s done more, already, than you will ever accomplish. so suck it :D

    not all of us are ashamed of having sex lives, dude. some of us enjoy them. a lot.

  • Little-Kiwi

    @SportGuy: how about you show us all who you are, eh?

    can we see your career? your outreach volunteering? your philanthropic pursuits? something tells me you’re just yet another in a long line of out of shape homely dudes who seek internet anonymity because you never got over being a disappointment to your parents.

  • michael mellor

    I cannot stand Ariana’s whiny voice.

  • joehandy

    @no1: I could not agree with you more. He makes me sick. Swishing around the house in his black short shorts, white top and bow tie…With pink hair. PLUS, lies about his age. Claims he is 28 when he’s actually 31? Come on dude. That’s only 3 years and you look 45 anyway so tell the ENTIRE truth, Frankie.

  • Little-Kiwi

    @joehandy: uh oh. swishing. and PINK hair!

    it’s as if some of you pathetic guys in here are desperate to let everyone know how much your shitty parents hated gay people.

    people lie. it’s BIG BROTHER. its’ a GAME.

    but the pathetic insecure homos in here who are all butthurt because…what? because frankie loves being himself and you’re a bunch of insecure ninnies? sack up, grow some balls.

  • BigWoody

    I had never been a fan of Big Brother. Sure, I have watched an episode or two over the previous 15 seasons.
    But here’s the thing, Big Brother has hooked me. Me! A 55 year old out and proud masculine gay man. I have not missed an episode plus I watch the best highlight live feed clips online.
    Why? Because of Frankie and his on and off bromance with Zach (Zankie). I had never heard of Ariana but I now love her song ‘Problem’.
    I do think that Frankie is a bit of a primadonna and somewhat out of touch with public perception. We all have our quirks and flaws but what I see in Frankie is someone who is genuinely overly enthusiastic and loving. He has fully accepted being a flashy diva.
    The microcosm of America that is Big Brother should give us all joy because the diversity of youth that is on the show all seem to accept Frankie’s gayness. Whether they like his personality or not, being gay isn’t a negative issue. I had a much different experience when I came out over 30 years ago.

  • Dxley

    It was fun on Queerty until some little fruit came along.

  • SickOfHomophobia

    Homophobic language is abhorrent. See this recent article
    “Faggot” derived from the dark ages, was a bundle of kindling wood used to set fire to witches and heretics. Developed to a term used for Gofers in USA universities, then they adopted it to refer to homosexual men.
    My partner brought an action in a London magistrates court on 31st July 2014 in Wimbledon. There was a female Court Clerk dealing with the application. A Court Clerk is a professional solicitor whose duty it is to advise and direct the lay person magistrates hearing cases and will be heavily influenced in their ultimate decision by the Court Clerk. This woman is an obvious misandrist, that is a man hater ! When the magistrates rose to go to their chambers to decide on their decision, in front of the crown prosecutor, my partners solicitor and others in the court room, the Court Clerk leaned over to my partners solicitor, looking at him out of the corner of her left eye and said “Please excuse me, I have to go out for a ‘fag’. My partner thought no more of it than she was desperate to have a cigarette. She had obviously been looking for a reaction from him but did not get one. Shen then looked directly at my partner and pointed at him as she said ” I am sorry, that was not intended to offend you” to which my partner replied “Why should your wanting to go out for a cigarette possibly offend me” to which the Court Clerk replied, her left hand on the court bundle “It was something I read in these papers” to which my partner retorted “You mean about me being a homosexual” to which she replied “Yes” and hurried out of the courtroom. His solicitor a young lady stood there agape with her jaw dropped and said to my partner “If you had not said something, I most certainly would have”. This is institutionalized homophobia within the very fabric of the UK Courts service and is intolerable and unacceptable. This woman should be saked for her homophobic views, just how many cases as she influenced because of her homophobia.

  • lykeitiz

    @Dxley: Amen to that!

  • vangelis_vt

    @ Little Kiwi

    So are your homo-loving parents responsible fo you being a major troll on every freaking gay site? Did they teach you to do nothing all day long but hurl bullying and abuse at fellow commenters in gay sites? Doesn’t this lack of civility prove you have some serious issues and hang-ups of your own regarding about other gay men that you need to urgently address? Internalised homophobia comes in a lot of guises, you know.

    Don’t worry, some of us have real lives offline and we don’t need to be selling ourselves for some cheap internet exposure in order to become “social media moguls” (whatever that is) like you and your friend. By the way I don’t mind his pink hair at all. It’s the emptiness inside his skull I’m worried about.

  • mcflyer54

    @vangelis_vt: Easy to understand why little kiwi considers Frankie a friend isn’t it? They both seem to possess the same negative qualities and seem, for no apparent reason, to make hurtful and mean spirited comments when they do absolutely nothing to advance their agenda. And Frankie isn’t a philanthropist but a volunteer (very admirable but not the same), even Frankie admits that he doesn’t have money (mommy does but Frankie doesn’t) and you cannot be a philanthropist without money.

  • DarkZephyr

    I would imagine that the gentlemen making fun of Frankie for possibly being a bottom are themselves either bottoms or tops or versatile. Chances are this is the case. So some of us here have been f*cked, some of us have done the f*cking and some of us have done both. You can’t be a top without having a bottom to lay the pipe to, now can you? So those of you who think bottoms are something to laugh at, do you usually laugh at the person you are f*cking while you are f*cking him? I mean, assuming you are tops yourselves?

  • AtticusBennett

    the guys complaining about frankie merely let folks on queerty know that they grew up with lousy parents who mocked and denigrated gay people. it’s that simple: gay men who come from supportive non-bigoted families don’t complain about “gay stereotypes” or “pink hair”. that’s learned prejudice.

  • lykeitiz

    @vangelis_vt: And wow…..did you nail it!!

    I was attacked by that troll on another thread. And FYI…[email protected]Little-Kiwi: and @AtticusBennett: are one in the same. I guess all that self-importance couldn’t be contained in just one screen name.

  • TheGayMafia

    Wow! I see the apple doesn’t fall far from the stupid tree!
    Hey Ariana…you may want to take a class on sharpening your Wit, or lack there of…
    I was having a great summer until I had to see your brother in national television make a fools out of your family. I think he has embarrassed himself beyond belief. He just doesn’t know it yet, until he gets booted out of that big brother house!
    Oh and by the way Ariana, you should fire your management. Cause your cat screetchig sorry excuse for music sucks, darling! Auto-tune, anyone?
    Oh and p.s.- You are not that famous….. yet!

  • AtticusBennett

    @lykeitiz: i note your obsession with me while ignoring the outright internalized homophobia in other comments. it says a lot about your lack of worth as a person.

  • lykeitiz

    @AtticusBennett: Your attacks on me, which I KNOW to be off-base, not to mention your broken-record response to others telling them they had bad, bigoted parents are too ridiculous to respond to.

    You are FAR more offensive and confrontational than the ones you go after.

    Oh, but thanks….I never knew I had lack of worth as a person until YOU pointed it out.


  • AtticusBennett

    @lykeitiz: well, you keep proving it. you ignore the outright bigotry in these comments, rife with internalized homophobic and fem-phobic misogyny. i call that crap out, and i point out why it’s said: these anonymous cowardly “anti-fem” commenters are exactly what i said they are: broken boys who never got over the fact that their parents are ashamed to have them for sons. so what do they do? come on line, every day, and anonymously type out prejudiced bullshit against the “fem gays” that their worthless parents denigrated. which they perpetuate.

    i suppose the good news in this all is that they are all anonymous little wimps. meaning they’ll have no presence in the real world, no impact, and likely no actual gay men will ever have to interact with them in public. rot in your closets, you hateful little trolls. you’re not missed.

  • Kevin

    @tdx3fan: He’s actually top/vers – shame on you for stereotyping him by his appearance/behavior.

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