Arizona’s Turn-Away-the-Gays Bill May Be Doomed

CooperWell, what do you know: it turns out the discrimination is bad for business. Who could have guessed?

Arizona Governor and evil sorceress Jan Brewer is poised to veto the turn-away-the-gays bill, according to some insider gossip. Not because it’s unethical, or divisive or a hideous embarrassment; but because of pressure from business groups. Well, whatever works.

Brewer learned a tough lesson in the price of discrimination a few years ago, when the state signed a monstrous anti-immigrant bill that wound up costing Arizona $140 million in tourism and business. Whoops! So if they passed this most recent attempt at discrimination, Arizona would basically have become the “Everybody Go Away And Leave Us Alone Because We Hate You State,” which has a certain ring to it but is a little too long to fit on a state seal.

Every serious person hates this bill, even conservatives. They know it’s crazy and makes them look awful. So who’s still backing it? People who are crazy and awful, naturally.

People like Senator Al Melvin, who says that the bill is not discriminatory. Obviously he knows that it is, but because he is a slimy sleazepot, he squirms and weasels and pretends that he cares about religious freedom more than throwing red meat to his donor base.

Fortunately, we have Anderson Cooper around to tear into those people. On his show last night he thrashed Melvin for being such a terrible person. Enjoy!