Arkansas Newspaper Rejects Gay-Wedding Announcement

Two Arkansas men hoping to announce their upcoming union saw their wedding announcement rejected by a local newspaper, reports the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. KNWA NBC in Northern Arkansas.

Cody Renegar and his partner, Thomas Staed, (at right) say they wanted to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with a traditional announcement in the Northwest Arkansas Times but were told the paper only prints notices of legal marriages recognized by the state. Renegar is understandably upset:

“There’s a certain amount of validation that comes with putting it in the paper.  You know, you grow up with that, you see this, you love to look at these beautiful photos of couples.”

The Gazette reports that the Northwest Arkansas Center for Equality and the Human Rights Campaign are asking the newspaper to reconsider it’s policy on printing wedding announcements. On his Facebook page, Renegar addressed the media attention his story has received:

Wow! Thomas and I are absolutely in awe from the support we received today! We understand that this is not only about us but about ALL of us. It was truly beautiful to watch our community come together! A thousand thanks you everyone!! I don’t take “No” for an answer because I know that there is an army of friends behind me that will kick ass!

Seriously, we’d think with print media suffering the way it is, the Times would be happy to run anyone’s announcement.

NOTE: The source of the story, NWAHomepage.com, was mistakenly identified with the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and not KNWA. We regret the error.

Photos: Cody Renegar, Roy M. Chatters Newspaper and Printing Museum