Arkansas School Board Member Clint McCance: ‘Fags’ Should ‘All Commit Suicide’

Start the countdown clock for Clint McCance — a Midland School Board Member in Arkansas — issuing a public apology for posting to Facebook about how the only way he would wear purple on Spirit Day to honor fallen gay teens is “is if they all commit suicide.” And how he would disown his own kids if they were gay.

McCance is the president of Ty-De Services (“Offering the best hot water steam extraction cleaning for carpets, upholstery, and ceramic tile. Also offer 24/7 water restoration service”). He’s also a school district board member, which makes his attack on gay youth all the more upsetting, given his position of power to oversee their education.

The initial post read:

Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers committed suicide. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I cant believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed therselves because of their sin. REALLY PEOPLE.

After folks started leaving comments on McCance’s Facebook wall (which is now locked down), he responded:

No because being a fag doesn’t give you the right o ruin the rest of our lives. It you get easily offended by being caleld a fag then don’t tell anyone you are a fag. Keep that shit to yourself. I don’t care how people decide to live their lives. They don’t bother me if they keep it thereselves. It pisses me off though that we make special purple fag day for them. I like that fags can’t procreate. I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other AIDS and die. If you aren’t against it, you might as well be for it.

Without question, this man must lose his board seat. It is not a matter of his First Amendment rights. Let this guy spew all the bile he wants on his own free time (and Facebook page). It is the matter of what’s in the best interest of children — and it is certainly not a man who thinks gay youth should kill themselves. This man just wrote himself into history as a human stain.

For what it’s worth, one reviewer of Midland High School has this to say:

I am a senior at Midland High School, and I have to say that my years at Midland have been amazing! It is truly a wonderful school with excellent teachers and an amazingly accepting atmosphere. If I am blessed with a family in the future, I will definitely send my children to the Midland Shool District!

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  • scott ny'er

    Karma, another man is waiting for you to knock on his door and give it to him. Please.

  • scott ny'er

    Oh and the coward took down his facebook wall. Coward. As much as it makes me mad, I’m glad people like him continue to spew their hate and stupidity. Better the devil I know.

  • Cam

    The thing I love is that somebody he thought was a friend must have screenaved this and sent it out.

    This idiot however is the perfect example and proof that the phony religeous leaders who go on TV are not accepting of gays, but just dissapprove of their lifestyle, this guy is your typical evangelical. They hate, end of story.

  • sameole sameole

    and now the comments about how ‘he protests too much’ and all that crap will start rolling in. why do you self-haters insist on claiming assholes like this as one of us? you don’t see str8s claiming all gay or lesbian assholes who say something ignorant as ‘closet str8s’.

  • Cam

    @sameole sameole: said.. “and now the comments about how ‘he protests too much’ and all that crap will start rolling in. why do you self-haters insist on claiming assholes like this as one of us?”

    We aren’t CLAIMING this guy as one of us. If he likes dick I still have nothing in common with him, however…

    1. It is a fact that rabid homophobia very often is a sign of a closet case.

    2. The best thing to do to these rabid homophobs is to out them, this will show the other rabid homophobes out there that it is dangerous to publically attack gays as they will be outing themselves.

  • craig

    “killed thereselves”? What a nasty little hillbilly christian man moron.

  • pete

    And yet one more reason to stay the hell out of places like Arkansas. Disgusting Fool. I feel sorry for gays that have to live in shitholes like this and have to hear this shit every day!

  • adam

    @craig: Yup, “kill thereselves”…. And he’s in the School Board.

  • sameole sameole


    I guess according to you what could be worse than making them out to be one of those ‘disgusting fags’. You really need help dealing with your internalized homophobia. This asshole is just an asshole.

  • tylandria watkins

    He betta not come round here umma snatch the blonde weave off dat white head so fast he’s gonna wish ms rohandra wud be a foo. Mm


    If karma acts in the way it so very often does………

    We will be hearing that this vile, subhuman, savage, reprehensive, bigoted, disguting piece of fetid shit with arms, legs, and a head stuck into it is the cause for an emergency call for his cleaning service to his own home to clean up a disturbingly messy suicide scene…………

  • Patrick

    You can still see his “Likes” on his facebook page….including “southpark” “tequila” and “Playboy”.

    It’s one thing when someone is rabid in their hyper conservatism, but don’t bark about sin and have playboy listed in your “likes”. bigot bigot bigot.

  • tallskin2

    You see the evil power of religion on people’s minds?

    Without religion he would simply have a prejudice.

    And he’d have to address that prejudice.

    With religion his prejudice is holy and sanctified

  • Pocket

    Ironic side note: Mariah Carey is listed in his favorite music.

  • JoeyO'H

    Don’t just love the ultra-Hetero Man photo of him with his catch of the day? Yeah, he’s a real man.
    Remove him from the board, then give it to him up the rump, like a man.

  • Aaron

    He’s just your typical southern straight man over the age of 30. Met plenty of them before in my life. Probably got married out of high school after he knocked up his girlfriend at 15….

    Naturally, plenty of comments will come flooding in blaming religion for his evil, rather than plain ignorance only using religion as a crutch….

  • JoeyO'H

    Someone on his Ty-Dee facebooks page published this:

    Clint McCance – 160 Songbird Rd – Pleasant Plains, AR 72568-9774

    (501) 345-2791 home telephone number

  • JoeyO'H

    I called the number and a man answered claiming to be his father, and boy did he spew hatred. He called me every name in the book including “Little faggot,” to just about everything else in the book. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

    That’s if it really was his father but he was purely a biggot!

  • scott ny'er

    @JoeyO’H: LOL. You called his number. So funny.

    @tallskin2: “With religion his prejudice is holy and sanctified”

    Exactly. He thinks any vile he spews is ok because it’s in the name of Christ. That cult is dangerous.

  • Mike

    religion ruins everything

  • FreddyMertz

    Disowning your own child for something they are is a “family value”?….I’m so confused.

  • JoeyO'H

    Yes I did. I couldn’t believe it myself. But I called it and who answered (claiming to be his father) since Clint wasn’t there, spewed out hatred that I haven’t heard in live voice in a long time.

    I simply asked why his son hates gays? And he went off.
    Enough is enough.

  • JoeyO'H

    @Scott: Yes I did. I couldn’t believe it myself. But I called it and who answered (claiming to be his father) since Clint wasn’t there, spewed out hatred that I haven’t heard in live voice in a long time.

    I simply asked why his son hates gays? And he went off.
    Enough is enough.

  • JoeyO'H

    @Jeff: Thanks! The publisher on the facebook page published (Obviously) his father’s phone and address. But man alive, that man was vicious! At least I got to tell the old biggot what I thought!


    @JoeyO’H: Dude, my fingers are so very itchin to dial those digits……….just gotta be carefull what ya say, way too easy these days to find out exactalty who is calling any number. Don’t anyone put themselves in any kind of a legal jam for that scumbags vile rants……….At least we gots satisfaction that if Grandpappy Bigot is so tightly wound up there must be a lot of people giving them a dose of what they so richly deserve…………..

    What is the sickest aspect of this saga is that we are going to with 100% certainty hear of those who feel he is “entitled” to his opinions and he still is “qualified” to serve as a member of the school board. Because again and again if his bigoted rhetoric was directed at any other group, he would have been removed from his posiiton already. Because we are the only minority whom it is still permissible to spew hatred upon his defenders will rally for his right to “free speech”. Never mind that his free speech encourages bullies to feel empowered to kick the shit out of and torment Gay kids. And ultimatley lead to his sick demented wish, that they commmit suicide……….

    @FreddyMertz: You are so correct. Its pretty confusing that the blind hatred against Gays causes thousands of Gay kids to be to thrown out of the only home they have known since birth every year. Kids who wind up on the streets, addicted, selling their cocks for cash to survive, many of whom ultimately commit suicide…….

    I can never even begin to understand the rage and hatred that exists against our community. I have a loath everything that these rightwing lunatics stand for. Yet I find it difficult to wish physical harm and or death against them for their values and beliefs. If someone lives their lives no matter how wicked and it causes no harm to me, my family, or friends I have no reason to wish or cause harm to them………Yet every day we see stories about them wishing and causing harm against our community………

    I am wondering when do we reach the tipping point where our community needs to start reacting by acting…………….

  • Jeffree

    Midland School district:
    Superintendent: Dean Stanley
    Phone: 501-345-8844
    Fax: 501-345-2086

  • Kevin

    He and all other school board members–stocked with evangelicals since the 1990s by the likes of the Christian Coalition–better take heed. On the local news (Chicago) it was announced that the Federal Dept. of Education has informed that if they do not have effective policies against bullying–including for sexual orientation–that they could be sued in federal courts. Watch this unholy crowd now shrink into nothing.

  • samthor

    “We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed therselves because of their sin.”

    isn’t this the religion that is supposed to be about love?
    love thy fellow man?
    the unconditional love a parent is supposed to have for their children?

    who’s sinning here?

  • JoeyO'H

    @Plays Well With Others: I was careful and repectful. I hear what you’re saying.

  • Austin

    This honestly hurts me more as a Christian than a gay man. It tears me apart every time I see shit like this being done in the name of something that I believe in, something that I think is -actually good.-

    You don’t get to be in charge of children, or even be able to call yourself a Christian, if you call for the suicide of anyone.

  • gollygeegaygoy

    I really hope that this child suicide lover, who runs Clint’s Carpet Cleaning Business…501-268-7360….can find some bleach to wash out his mouth, cos it sure is filled with filth.

  • Jeffree

    Clint’s Carpet Cleaning (his other name for his business–Ty-De appears to have shops all over) is also in Pleasant Plains, AR:
    phone: 501-268-7360

    Please call the school and his business if you’re so inclined (I’m waiting until my temper cools!)

  • Cam

    @sameole sameole: said..

    I guess according to you what could be worse than making them out to be one of those ‘disgusting fags’. You really need help dealing with your internalized homophobia. This asshole is just an asshole.”

    Deny reality all you want, but fact, Ted HAggard, gay, Bishop Eddie Long, Gay, George Reckers, Gay….need I go on? Pretending that crazy homophobia isn’t often a sign of closeted status is just a desperate attempt to deny the obvious.

    REAL Hetrosexuals, even if they don’t love gays, don’t spend so much time thinking about us.

  • Aaron

    @Cam: There has been no proof that Eddie Long is is not heterosexual, so until there is, I would not put him on that list. Homophobia was once rampant in our culture…. so you’re saying that all those homophobes from yesteryear were just secretly gay? Nuh uh. That’s like saying that every racist secretly loves non white people. It’s just not true. Of course yes, there are homophobes who are really just gay or bisexual, but that isn’t the case every time. I would wager from this that this is just another angry southern straight man and father who wants to protect his kids from dose darn fags!

    And it’s my own personal belief that Haggard and Reckers are (le GASP) bisexual rather than homosexual, but that’s another story….

  • lizcivious

    In that profile picture, is Clint McCance the one on the right, with the big, gaping mouth?

  • tjr101

    I’m sure he’s a proud Huckabee/Palin supporter.

    Hopefully none of his kids turn out to be gay, I wouldn’t wish that torment on my worst enemy.

  • drums

    How does someone with 1) obviously zero love for children at all and 2) no grasp of grammar and syntax whatsoever get on a SCHOOL BOARD? What is he even doing there? Did he infiltrate it just to spew hate? What a fucking waste of oxygen.

  • Mordecai

    This scum doesn’t belong near anything having to do with a school or kids. He would disown his if they were gay? Nice fucking “family values”, man. He does not serve the students; whether he likes it or not, there are kids who are gay in his school district, but with these kinds of horrific attitudes expressed by people in positions of authority of course they don’t have the confidence to admit it or accept it. People have talked a lot lately about kids being driven to depression and suicide by bullying. Well, the worst bullies are the adults: parents, teachers and authority figures. The ones kids look up to, but who tell them they’re unworthy, that they should be ashamed of themselves, they need to change. I wish those depressed kids would realize that living well is the best revenge and hicks like him are becoming obsolete.

  • Justin

    People like him are garbage. He’s not worth the bullet I hope shatters his skull. The sooner garbage like him have been wiped off this earth like an overgrown mildew stain the happier I will be. Fuck him and all he stands for.

    I don’t say that about a lot of people, but I’m getting sick of trash like him leading to the deaths of young people. They wish death on us constantly, I feel I should do the same. May that piece of garbage die in a fire and our world be better off.

  • Ricky

    Send this story to 4chan. They will have a field day day with this moron.

  • Sarah


    Thank you for saying that! So many times on here you see a comment that expresses the desire for the bigot being discussed to end up having a gay kid and you just have to shake your head and think, “WTF? What about the poor gay kid in that scenario?”

  • Ben

    It looks like Midland High School’s website (the principal’s page) has conveniently become a forum for expressing disgust over McCance’s comments:

    It looks like McCance just commented as well:

    comment posted by Clint McCance on 10-27-2010
    You people are all insane, I stand by my comments and actions. If you were True Christians you would believe the same too.

    I fully expect all Homosexuals to become An Heros to us all.

  • kelly

    for the record, there are families and kids and transgendered. gay str8 people all over arkansas and it’s not just some shithole to avoid. homophobia and violence and certainly ignorance affect every single place on earth. please don’t lump every arkansas into some hillbilly group.

  • ouaisOut

    Just to clarify the language he used in his update to the Midland High School’s site, “an heros” is 4chan/10-year-old gamer/l33t geek-speak meaning a suicide. I’m sure many of you are more in the know than I, but I had to look it up on urban dictionary. I can’t really explain the grammar mistake following “an heroes.” Beyond my ken.

    So essentially, he’s just re-stating his desire that we all go off ourselves. But he had to hide it in 5th grade boy talk. Which doesn’t surprise me since (a) he’s obviously a passive-aggressive coward, and (b) he writes at a 2nd or 3rd grade level. Even with spell-check!

    You know that school board members usually have some say in whether text books are appropriate or not for the district’s children right? I wonder how well he reads. I’m not being catty. I am basing that on his writing ability.

    It’s refreshing to see how many people have posted eloquently and passionately on the Midland High site and the Fire Clint McCance Facebook page. Of course, he was elected to his position, so the only option is for a recall or a resignation (huh. unlikely with this piece of shit), so this will be interesting.

    He’s plainly a danger to children in his district. And probably a danger to his own– whether they’re gay or straight. A parent who makes no bones about the conditional nature of his love for his children is not a good parent. And is certainly not a good Christian parent.

    Further, when he says that he wouldn’t allow his gay” kid “in the vicinity,” it suggests that the kid wouldn’t be safe around him. I’ve seen a few comments from local posters on the FB page and the Midland page that make in-jokes about his drinking. I wonder how many skeletons will come out of his closet in the ensuing debate.

    I don’t go for the whole sky pixie thing, but I do wish that Jesus would get his ass down here, start taking names, and start kicking some ignorant, hate-spewing ass. When I was an atheist child just starting out, I used to think it would be great if everyone got exactly the afterlife that s/he believed in after they died.

  • Ryan

    @Ouaisout, I think it’s far more likely that someone from 4Chan wrote that comment, rather than the idea that a middle-aged man from the South knows 4Chan internet speak.

  • FlopsyMopsyCT

    God, whatever happened to tact? I’ve said it once before on these boards, and I will say it again. A person’s level of homosexual acceptance is so closely tied to social class, standing, and education. Although I can’t say for sure, this guy probably had, and still has, the worst upbringing and community. I weep for these communities of people. Blow them up and build a mall.

  • Xtincta

    @Ryan: Exactly. 4Chan is actually pretty homophobic, they very uneven about their crusades. If it were about Porn or Animals they would be all over it, but gays…. Nah they would just instigate.




    Kudos to Jeffree and others who have been posting info on how to send a message ’bout this scumbag. If ya use the googles you will find bascially the only attention this story is getting is from the Gay media. I urge us all to contact the rest of the media and send them links to this article. If this is kept to the Gay media the pressure will not be as great on this scumbag…….

  • Cam

    @Aaron: said…

    “@Cam: There has been no proof that Eddie Long is is not heterosexual, so until there is, I would not put him on that list.”

    Wow, are you high? No “Proof”??? If by “Proof” you mean that he hasn’t been convicted in a court of law, then yes, there is no “Proof”. What there is however, are 4 different young men, several of whom don’t know each other all telling the exact same stories, there are texted images he sent out, etc…

  • Mike

    I run a GLBT magazine in the Florida Panhandle, Alabama and Mississippi, and one of my goals was to bring a voice to people who are marginalized every day just for being GLBT in the South. I thought about expanding the magazine into Arkansas but as soon as I read this, you better believe that not only am I going to bring it there, I’m going to make sure this is our first article about GLBT relations in Arkansas. SHAMEFUL! I’ll be telling the readers of Out on the Town Magazine to e-mail his school district!

  • Hyhybt

    True, school board members are elected… but elections come around again, and surely, SURELY even in Arkansas an opponent who advocates children killing themselves is easy to beat.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he resigns… not by way of apology or anything, but in hopes of getting out of the light.

  • Cin_D

    As a school board member his right to free speech also allows him to say something like, “I like to molest little girls and if they don’t like it they should go kill themselves.” Would the parents of those little girls have the right to request his dismissal? DAMN RIGHT THEY WOULD! Homosexual children have the same rights as any other child to feel safe in their learning environment. Anyone who works with children should care about the welfare of ALL children. He needs to be removed as soon as possible for the sake of protecting the children.

  • Tom Sawyer (yeah, it's my real name)

    @Pete (#7)…

    I live in Arkansas, and there are good people in Arkansas. I invite you to come and visit the NW corner of the state where all the liberal, laid-back, and friendly people are.

    Visit Fayetteville and Eureka Springs… you will find may welcoming, warm people there.

    This weekend is Diversity Weekend in Eureka Springs – maybe you should stop on by!


  • ewe

    Doesn’t any school board authority know how to tell people like this that their services are no longer needed; Pack up your papers and get out. This is rediculous.

  • ewe

    @Mike: Thank you.

  • Tom Sawyer (yeah, it's my real name)

    @Ewe: Apparently Arkansas does NOT have anything in place to recall or remove a School Board member. The member can resign, but cannot be forced out (until the next time they are up for election).

  • customartist


    Surely there are Standards of Conduct, and his peers certainly have influence on his ability to remain.

    He must go!

  • customartist

    The Arkansas Department of Education CERTAINLY CAN make recomendations to the National Department of Education that they now make good on their statement to withhold funding from this District. This cannot be tolerated from a person in a position of power and of leadership over our children.

    What if we all start posting similar comments about the Board Members themselves, and of their families, just so that they can begin to understand what it is like to be a the brunt of hate?

    Would someone please post all of the Board Members’ contact information and addresses so we can pay them a visit?

    Clint McCance, Bub Beel, Connie Blevins, Brandon Bowren, Debbie Frazier, Bob Rhew and Bryson Wood

  • Mike in London

    What a charming man.

    Remind me to piss in his Martini if I ever see him.

    {We are everywhere}

  • ewe

    @Tom Sawyer (yeah, it’s my real name): Keep pressing the ignorant and they will always come up with their last worthless attempt at defending themselves which is that their god told them so. that should not be tolerated in a secular government no matter how small. That is enough to boot them out of office. they are harming minor children and that is a crime.

  • ewe

    there must be some sort of recall ability with a certain amount of signatures.

  • ewe

    I got it. Because of this incident this piece of shit must now recuse himself from any discussion regarding the education of children since we know how he feels about openly discriminating some of them.

  • steve Morrison

    I think it is time that Gay people have a country of their own. Just as the Jews have Israel and Muslims have many countries… we need our own homeland with our own laws and government…

  • ewe

    @steve Morrison: Does anybody second that? Motion passed. Someone tell him he can sit there taking up space in a council chair with a vibrator up his ass as long as he keeps his mouth shut.

  • Gregoire

    No, racist homophobic assholes need their own country. I’m not leaving.

  • Hilarious

    @Ryan: No believe it or not adults(I use that term loosely) as well pedophiles, racists(such as Stormfront members), and more use 4chan. It’s one of the most popular shit holes on the internet and hard to gauge(or report) it’s usage because things fall off the pages and get deleted in a matter of minutes.

    They frequently post pedophilia, racism, homophobia, random fetish porn, deaths, etc. Basically anything they think other people will find “shocking”.

    They think they’re funny, but really they’re just cowards hiding behind the internet.

    While there are a lot of teens that frequent that site there are even more adults who found a home and way to hide behind a site everyone believes is only frequented by teens.

    When you pay attention to that site you start to realize how much money some of the visitors have to throw around(teens do not have that much excess cash to do the things they do), how many skills are accessed(some of the artwork I’ve seen is not that of a teen), and projects that could only be organized by an adult.

    It’s sad that so-called adults have put that much effort into being assholes online, but they are, and sites like 4chan and Stormfront give them places to voice and even spread their disturbing levels of irrational hate.

  • steven TR

    I hope someone reminds this closet case that according to the bible masturbation is a sin so if he has EVER jerked off, he is a fag sinner. You go, girl!

  • Tim

    I’m not sure, but I THINK I might have gotten a blowjob from him at the Silo in Little Rock.

  • customartist

    Keep those email a-flyin’!:

    Dean Stanley
    Linda Allgood
    Donna Clark
    Lela McChesney
    Tonya Lamb
    Lela McChesney
    Kerri Passmore
    Naccaman Williams
    Ben Mays
    Sherry Burrow
    Jim Cooper
    Brenda Gullett
    Samuel Ledbetter
    Alice Williams Mahony
    Toyce Newton
    Vicki Saviers

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  • Soupy

    Hit him where he lives. By that I mean bankrupt his business. Picket his office. Hand out leaflets with his statement on them and encourage people to boycott his business. Pretty soon he will be begging for the “entitlements” that his kind are always complaining about.

  • Brad Abercrombis

    You are just an ignorant bigot. This is just unacceptable. Why would you wish death upon anyone?? Unless they killed your mother, father or sibling. Jesus would not judge or wish anyone harm just because they loved someone. I feel sorry for people like you who have hate in their heart for other people just because they are different!! You should be ashamed!! And definitely should be fired from the school board. You have no business making decisions for our youth!!

  • smhsmhsmhsmhsmhsmhsmh

    WHAT… THE…. FUCK….

    That’s it. I quit America. When I get a solid career and enough financial stability, I am out of here for good. The stupidity is more than I can handle any longer.

  • Jester

    Religion isnt to blame here, nor is it the ends justifying the means. This only shows a strong misuse of the title. It is true that people use religion as a means to spread hate, but that isnt what christianity or any religion is about. This man’s ignorance is what cast a bad image on the religious community. Don’t hate the religious community for the ignorance and stupidity of a few people, doing so leaves little difference between you and this fool’s blind hate. Don’t fight hate with hate, fight hate with intelligence.

  • straightboypete

    Sorry Jester, but until the Americanized Christian community recognizes the GBLT community as equally valid (marriage, legal rights, etc), you are the problem, not some misguided homophobe moron from Arkansas (accepting portions of NW Arkansas notwithstanding:). In the meantime, Clint, nice fish. Now fuck off, you insensitive homophobe, kid-hating jerk!

  • ewe

    @Jester: yeah right. Have you noticed what the pope and multiple cardinals go around saying? That is HATE honey. Do you hear the evangelicals by the thousands? I can go on and on and on. Your head is up your ass.

  • Jester

    Kinda sad that all I said was not all people of faith are like this man but actually kind people and was met with blame and being told my head was up my ass. I advise looking in the mirror a moment, perhaps let go of the hate a moment and accept not everyone is working to oppress you.

  • Cassandra


    There appear to be two main ways that people internalize prejudice directed at them.

    Some hear derogatory messages directed at them by bigots and allow those messages to define them, i.e., “I’m gay, I can’t be monogamous, sexually responsible, etc” or “I’m black, I can’t speak in an educated manner, hold a job, etc”.

    Other people internalize it by becoming oppressors and bigots in return. Reversed racism is a good example, so are the extremes that show up in feminism like “all penetrative sex is rape”. It is essentially a case of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” They’ve internalized the message of inferiority so thoroughly that they have to malign other people to boost their own self-worth. After all, prejudice is about one’s ego, it is a way of tearing others down to lift one’s self up.

    A very vocal minority of GLBTQ people, mirroring the very vocal minority of people of faith, have responded to anti-gay prejudice by being equally bigoted in return targeting people of color, religious people, women, transgendered folk, bi-folk, overweight people, etc. They employ the same arguments and tactics, including verbal abuse and bullying, that homophobes do, and defend their actions with the same excuses and justifications that homophobes use.

    It is a terrible form of surrender that masquerades as rebellion, without really fooling anyone at all.

    Anyone who responds to anti-gay prejudice with prejudice and bigotry against any other group of people – people of faith, people of color, people of a certain age group or other demographic – isn’t fighting prejudice, but has instead surrendered completely and utterly to it and allowed it to possess them.

  • Hyhybt

    @Cassandra: Hear, hear!

  • Joel

    As a person, this is alarming.

    As a person who was bullied in high school, called a fag and every derivation of such: This is sad.

    As a school teacher: This is disgusting.

    …If enough people in the community band together, the stress on the school board will show. Why would any fucking school board want someone on it, who openly calls for any teenagers who are bullied @ school to kill themselves?

    There has to be SOME code of conduct for members of the school board. But then again, this is Arkansas, so all logic probably falls by the wayside.

  • Derrick

    I disagree that religion caused this. In fact, the religion he “claims” to be a member of (but clearly is not) does not condone his behavior at all. This is simply an example of how hateful, moronic bigots can use ANYTHING to justify their hate — even something that is specifically against their hate.

  • Tyler

    what a good christian

  • greg cole

    gee what a shock….a white trash breeder hating….hope his trailer blows away

  • Tinnean

    What I fail to understand is how something this illiterate can be on the schoolboard, of all things! The least he could have done, before subjecting us to his idiocy, is run it through spellcheck.

  • ewe

    @Jester: no. you are wrong again. Mine is not hate. I react to the hate being directed at me. The people who are hating use religion and god as a weapon against us. Most of those who lead these religions are saying NOTHING.





  • meego

    Fuck off, bigot!

  • OregonMark

    Clint McCance should be removed from his seat on the board, however he is an elected officer, meaning the board can not fire him. It should also be noted the Mr McCance owns a carpet cleaning company and the school board pays him 3500.00 a month to clean the school. I would wish the school board would cancel the contract they signed with Clints Carpert Cleaning/Ty-De Services Inc., on June 30, 2009. This man should not be allowed or permitted to be around any young people. Nor should he profit from the use to school funds. His remarks are unforgivable.

  • landon

    I cannot comprehend the workings of this monster’s mind.
    This person’s mouth is soiled, repulsive and vile that it almost made me vomit. He sickens me. Him as a school board member, is too much to bear.

  • Mandy

    Its nice to see everyone is stooping down to this man’s level by completely trying to ruin his life thinking you have the right and that your actions are justified. Sounds a lot like what he did. Good job, I don’t see how any of you can sleep at night.

  • meego

    @Mandy: Oh we sleep just fine, thanks. We’ll sleep even better now that he’s resigned.

  • Clay Boggess

    What an amazing display of ignorance and stupidity…or should I say arrogance. He sure put everything on the line on this one!

  • GOD

    Political correctness has an absence of moral obligation that erodes a majority view on relations between a man and another man. Homosexuality has been around since men were hunting in packs. To think that a scientist by the name of Kinsey was able to convince so many people that their penis was made for any hole is horrible, but it is true.

    Free speech is not granted to those who have positions in the gay community where it could offend the gay communities children or their gay offspring. Evidently, in the gay society that we all live in or by which we may or may not be a part of, it is like the bizarro blasphemy toward the gay establishment. Even Alexander the so called great was gay. The truth is what it is.

    God is not politically correct because in an evolutionary term, we are not transcending to an evolutionary height by giving into falsehood in dishonoring our bodies by lying with another man despite what women may or may not think about perversion.

    The term Nancy boy is given because a perverted woman is usually involved in the sexual transformation that the so called homosexual undergoes.

    Be on guard for those who would recruit you to join in their sexual orgies. They will boost up your morale until you agree with homosexuality as a norm because they are rich and perverted. They do it with music, movies, and mixed media outlets such as fox news and cnn.

    My stance on this remains in tact with the writings that occurred in a popular book that you may or may not be familiar with. The book of Leviticus states clearly what YHWH said about what to do about the gay question. Leviticus 20;13

    13 And a man who lies with a male
    as one lies with a woman, both of them
    have done a detestable thing, surely
    they shall die; their blood shall be on

    The gay establishment including a well known Rockefeller funded the research by pedophiles back in the fifties which spawned the feminist movement. GOOGLE Kinsey and pedophile self mutilation and enjoy.

    Your God
    Leviticus 20 Verse 13

  • GOD

    GO FREE SPEECH! Just not if you are a school board member because the gay establishment will not allow it. Gay people rule the world and always have. Don’t look down on bullies. Bullies against gays are only lashing out on the gay establishment.

    Out of the mouth of babes will the word spew forth.

    Your God
    Leviticus 20 Verse 13

  • Hyhybt

    @GOD: Speaking of spewing forth!

  • Maria83

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    Peace leutz, bin ganz neu hier!


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  • traurbimb

    ???????? ?????? ???????, ??????? ????? ???????????? ?????, ?????? ?????? ???????

  • m52

    Even if the homophobic comments where not enough evidence that this man should lose his position on the School Board; his careless spelling and grammar should do it. lol

    I love how people don’t understand what PUBLIC DOMAIN is; I’m glad he got caught and I’m glad it started a scandal and probably is heavily effecting his life right now, but this is exactly why EVERYONE (not just people with hateful messages) should be more careful about what we put on Facebook. I wouldn’t go home and make specific complaints about work on my Facebook because I know my HR scans our pages, I can only imagine how much a school board keeps track of their officials, and if they didn’t how much they will now.

  • pletcheroxw

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  • chaz54

    Honestly, forget about attacking his right to be in a school board for his bigoted comments.
    We are talking about Arkansas and this type of any-gay sentiment is prevalent. As far as this guy is concerned, he only really regrets the “name calling;” he still thinks homosexuality is a sin and he still would run a child of his out of the house if said child was gay.
    So forget that; I an sure there are others on that school board that think like him, they are just not stupid enough to actually post it.
    What I find really amazing is how such an uneducated person ever thought he was school board material.

    His grammar is well, non exsistent and the only thing I can say about his logic is that it is all over the place. I tried to read a response he posted on Facebook, seen in this post, but after three readings I still do but know what he was trying to say.
    The response ends “If you aren’t against it, you may as well be for it.” What is he talking about? It is quite an isolated sentence that seems to have no correlation to his Facebook response. “For” what? “Against” what? The only logic that exsists here is locked somewhere in his brutal brain. He also stated that he was glad that fags COULDN’T procreate…really? Do gays have something genetically wrong with their sperm? He might have meant “don’t often” procreate but I personally believe that he actually believes that gays CAN NOT conceive a child, like actually physically not able!
    I rarely, if ever, attack anyone for ignorance, after all it just means a lack of education. But in this instance we ARE talking about education and no school member should be so highly lacking in said education. Further, ignorance becomes stupidity if the ignorance is not corrected. There is definetly no correction here, as in spelling correction. I am sure a good many students under his “guidance” could do better with the spelling; at the least the would be smart enough to utalize “spell check” before making such prejudicial remarks.
    Last, I do not feel sorry for him in the least. This “big man with a big mouth is now whining about the fact that he now has to send his family out of the state for their safety. Did he care one bit about the safety of a kid being bullied? Where was his concern for the family members of kids that where driven to suucude? I agree with him on one point. If you do not want attention drawn to you then you should not open your mouth…maybe he will now learn from his own convoluted logic and shut up.

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