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Armani Exchange’s Same-Sex Window Displays Are the Terror of the Midwest

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We already know that television shows like Glee are poisoning the minds of American children. But so too are marketing campaigns! Like the one from Armani|Exchange, the store that lets us use that cute | sign! In one Missouri city, public displays of homosexual affection have reactionary parents groups riled up. And since television news is so cheap to produce, it’s worth covering. Don’t miss the soundbite from National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families’ Phillip Cosby about talking to your local prosecutor!

Meanwhile, be sure to protect your children from David Beckham. He’s loaded with homoerotic poison too!


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  • Dirty Ole Man

    Those fucking Prudes need to sit down somewhere! Gays won the culture wars and these christian bigots should accept the fact that society as a whole no longer condones it’s outdated views on homosexuality.

  • Mark Alexander

    I wish these bigots would hurry up and get themselves raptured, because the rest of us are getting pretty fed up with their bullshit.

  • edgyguy1426

    This video service sucks

  • Jon

    I guess we’re supposed to believe that these religious groups and “One Million Mom’s” do enough shopping at Armani to have much sway with their boycotts.

  • Sean

    Wow, I didn’t even know this ad was up and I live in KC. The Plaza is a upscale neighborhood and these worthless excuse for humans need to back the hell up. Go complain in a suburb, KC is liberal for a reason.

  • jp

    They all need to get their overzealous conservative, christian asses to Haiti and get back to kidnapping kids “to save them!”

  • Mike L

    And again w gays/lesbians being portrayed by bigots as predatory. When? When are straight parents and gay/les parents gonna start combating these ppl by saying “Hey I dont know if any of my kids are gay/les and I want them to know that it’s ok, that they are not abnormal” Thsi is so freaken stupid, should gay/les ppl have to sue those ppl for libel about how they characterize us? I think they should be sued, they can say whatever they want about us in private etc but when trying to hurt an organization with this sort of libel about homosezuality being predatory towards kids it’s just plain defamation just b/c the company wants to be inclusive. We must not forget that there are tons of children who are gay and lesbian and they need to know that they are not the only ones and that they are not abnormal this is just so messed up.

  • DR

    I noticed no one is complaining about how the hetero couples promote teens to go out and have sex with each other… How ignorant.

  • Mike L

    OMG I just went to the top link about poisoning America’s children and LOLed so much, it’s crazy.

  • romeo

    Not much the “moms” can do about this. There’s no illegal behavior being displayed per Lawrence v Texas. “Community standards don’t apply. So they can sit their prissy fat asses on it. LOL

  • Mike L

    Woops, Corretction Poisoning America’s children’s minds :P

  • Bill

    The thing about the Plaza is that people rarely take their kids there. (It’s certainly kid-friendly, but it’s just not a kid destination.) So why are parents up in arms about an ad that only adults are going to see?

  • Dave

    Uhhhh…straight people shop at A|X?

  • dizzy spins

    Can we just ignore this? By reporting on every dinky little hate group, we give them power and prominence. Just because you call yourself “The National Coalition for Close-Minded Douchebags” doesnt mean you have a large membership or any pull. The Catholic League pops up EVERYWHERE, but is basically one guy, William Donohue.

  • Jeff K.

    I’m pretty sure Christwire is a big ol’ spoof, like Landover Baptist.

  • AlwaysGay

    @Mike L: Yeah, you laugh while they degrade gay people and get their way. This is real. Heterosexuals have placed in the constitutions of 31 states HETEROSEXUAL-ONLY marriage amendments. Heterosexuals have also run petitions to remove other rights like health benefits to adoption. It’s heterosexuals way of outcasting gay people from the legal system. Here we are again with a heterosexual asking other heterosexuals to use the legal system to outcast gay people from the public square. This heterosexual guy is saying implicitly the public square should be heterosexual-only.

  • sal(the original)


  • Mike L

    @AlwaysGay: Um read comment #7

  • sal(the original)


  • sal(the original)


  • romeo

    If Armani couldn’t market to gays, there wouldn’t be an Armani, or any other high-end clothier.

  • Ruddigore

    The only thing that offends me is news anchor Susan’s horrible hair and odd “Mandarin” jacket. All that the protestors have done is give Armani free publicity and bolstered model Clint Mauro’s popularity. (Lookin’ good, Clint!) It’s just another version of the Terry Rakolta effect.

  • McShane

    What an idiotic displacement of feelings! Becks may be hot, but he ‘s also a role model for all of those corn fed kids in the Midwest who, faster than you can say “jack robinson”, turn into blooted bimbos, with nothing but religious tripe to guide their way.

    Beham is an exceptional athlete: what is Armani suposed to do put an overweight american footbal player in undies on a billboard?

    Metrosexuality is even reaching to the backlots.

  • JR

    Speaking of predatory… does anybody else feel that Phillip Cosby looks like a child molestor????

  • jimmy

    But they looove the free market, except when it is not free.

  • Jessica

    Buycott: Guess I need to go out and shop Armani!

  • Plazaboy

    That exact store is two blocks away from my apartment and the very first time i walked by those posters i thought to myself “Wow, A/X is getting a little ballsy.”

  • mulletkitty

    Just fyi, the Glee analysis referenced above is a satire. Just look at the main page…..

  • Jacob

    Someone needs to shove a dildo up these BIGOTS butt holes hahaha! Theyre terribly annoying now and i really couldnt care anymore. Time has moved on..there were always gays in the world and there always will be, so get over it. If theyre scared their kids will turn homo then they can lock them indoors or lets say…dont take them to armani|exchange haha! :P x

  • jason

    Is this really about same-sex displays? Or is it about Armani marketing its product? I sometimes feel that the marketing is the main thing here, all designed to draw attention to Armani.

    Of course, I’m not opposed to it per se. But we need to be aware that marketing is designed to make money and doesn’t really reflect greater acceptance.

  • barry

    Today on Dr Oz he was explaining the mechanics beind hetero sex. I thought to myself, well it would be wonderful to see a show on the mechanics of homo sex without all the uproar…will it ever happen in this fearful and ignorant country?

  • Wade macMorrighan

    The fact that Xian groups are getting progressive images of Gays and Lesbians removed from public display out to be frightening; especially in view of the FACT that Europe, Canada, and the UK have had images such as these for years, now, without complaint! Are we could yo allow these religious extremists who cannot tolerate progressive values to shape our nation’s future?! I say, HELL NO!!! So, please contact such stores and this and THANK them for being inclusive.

  • Tartuffe

    We have same-sex ads in public here. Does anyone care? Nope.

  • Tommy

    That Glee article is sooo much fun, thanks for posting!

    “Look into the eyes of a young Kurt Hummel. Is that not the face our of future‚Äôs polymorphously perverse intellectual terrorist?”

  • Ryan

    A|X is for a predominantly gay crowd, especially among the MEN who shop there. As if this will deter any shoppers from Armani Exchange…the ones who will fork over the cash LOVE those ads to begin with. Love you Giorgio!!!

  • PopSnap

    Hahahahaahaha the hell with the hot ad, the fact that the American Taliban is pissed off makes me want to waste all of my money there!

  • Chuck Martens

    The problem with the conservatives is that they aren’t content just having the right to believe what they want to believe is the right thing for them; they won’t be happy until they have complete control over every one else’s life as well! If they find the ads offensive, don’t look at them! My guess is that the people who want to protect their children from seeing these photos have no qualms about them watching the news and seeing people being killed in Irag, Afganistan or Pakistan! Or with playing with violent video games. But god forbid 2 men should be seen caring for each other!

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    What shocks me is that there’s an Armani/Exchange in Missouri….

  • romeo

    A/X is just a mall store, sort of a sub-division of Armani. The real Armani’s are exclusive boutiques in the the major cities, of which Missouri has none.

  • John

    Go Armani! :)

  • emmy

    Those same advertisements in the Robson Street store in Vancouver, Canada have not elicited any negative reaction.

  • geoff

    Like the hee-haws that have a problem with this ad buy high-end clothing to begin with. That and any attempt to prosecute under obscenity laws would be laughed out of court. This Phillip Cosby guy is a whopping dumbfuck and a half.

  • vicky

    I was raised catholic and remain pretty religious but that is no excuse for being so irrational about same sex couples. it’s the 21 century and people should be free to love whoever they want, no matter their race or sex, love is love.

    Besides the ads are fucking hot.

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