See something, say something

Armie Hammer admires Henry Cavill’s nipples, wants the world to know

They say the nipples are the window to the soul.

And with that in mind, Armie Hammer truly admires Superman actor Henry Cavill’s soul.

The SCANDAL (it’s not even a little bit of a scandal) began last month when Hammer left a comment on Cavill’s Instagram — two little bitty words that spoke voluminous volumes.

Here’s the photo Cavill posted:

Getting some R&R in before the summer slips away. Worry not though, my moustache continues to thrive… #Seastache

A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

And here’s the special shoutout from Hammer:

Appearing at last week’s Toronto International Film Festival to promote his new gay romance film Call Me By Your Name, Hammer was asked about the very important, very meaningful #nipplegate.

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“Yeah, well, when you see a nice set of nipples you gotta say something, right?” he told a correspondent with ET Canada. “See something, say something.”

Watch below:

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  • Sam6969

    Idiocracy at work…

  • Donston

    Was a follow-up to this “story” needed or even wanted?

    • geb1966

      And yet you read it…

    • DuMaurier

      @geb1966, I like Cavill and Hammer so I found it all pretty painless, but the first time I saw some variation of “yet you read it” I thought it was the lamest attempt at a “Gotcha!” imaginable. That was years ago; I have no idea how it’s survived.

    • Bryguyf69

      @DuMaurier I’m not sure what your point is. If something is still appropriate, who cares if it’s old? More importantly, who cares if you think it’s lame? “Yet you read it…” is logically appropriate here. The title made clear what the topic was. Not interested? Just ignore it and move on. Is that so hard? By reading it, you just encourage the writer to write more of the same (yes, many sites have trackers to see much much time is spent on a page). Indeed, you add to his/her income. THINK about it.

    • Bryguyf69

      Not interested in the topic? Don’t even click on the link since each click adds to a website’s income, which of course, encourages the writer to write more of the same! So yes, “and yet you read it” is entirely appropriate because it points out the hypocrisy of encouraging something yet complaining about it. I’m not sure what you find out so difficult — or lame — to understand. THINK about it.

  • stadacona

    Straight men are called harassers for this, but dumb gay men think it’s clever. This is why they hate us.

    • Bryguyf69

      Bad analogy. The parallel would be a woman commenting on another woman’s breasts/nipples, and no, they are not called harasers. As for this example, I think it’s wonderful that Hammer is challenging society’s taboo on a man admiring another man’s body. And that’s exactly what you’re not getting. A hetero man commenting on a woman’s breasts is REINFORCING gender stereotypes of the macho male. But when a hetero man comments positively about another man, he is BUCKING gender stereotypes. So it’s not about the contents of the statement but the motivation behind it. And who ever said that it was “clever”??? THINK about it.

  • Kieran

    It’s only a “scandal” if you’re internalized homophobia alarm went off. Yes, big surprise, homophobia still thrives in our sexually insecure society and culture. Lot of work to do.

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