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Armie Hammer gets even gayer for his next film

Armie Hammer charmed our socks off with his intimate portrayal of Oliver, the young and lust-struck student, in Call Me By Your Name.

But to call his character gay would be leaving out a fairly big part of the film, namely (spoiler) that he rejects young Elio (Timothée Chalamet) to marry a woman the audience never meets.

Well for his next feature film, Hammer will play actual gay writer James Lord, known for biographies of artists like Picasso and Giacometti.

It’s his friendship with the later that is the subject of Final Portrait, the new film by Stanley Tucci.

Lord (Hammer) posed for Giacometti (Geoffrey Rush) over the course of several sessions, and the film fictionalizes these meetings.

Watch the trailer below:

Here’s the real-life portrait: