Booted Gay Gets Some Reserve Action

Army Accepts Knight (Again)

Jason Knight‘s on again, off again affair with the Navy seems to be on again.

Knight got the boot after coming out in 2004, but mysteriously invited him back, despite Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’s prohibition on the pansies. Following Knight’s telling interview with Stars & Stripes, officials sacked him once again. Now, they’ve changed their military mind.

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network explains:

Former Petty Officer 2nd Class Jason Knight, a Hebrew linguist recently deployed to Kuwait, has been placed on Individual Ready Reserve duty until April 2009, despite publicly ‘coming out’ in national media outlets and being told he would receive a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” dismissal.

His dismissal form, however, declares “completion of service,” not a ‘Don’t Ask’ related retirement, thus making him eligible for IRR. Knight remarked of his reentry:

I was expecting to be dismissed under ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ but am ready, willing and able to continue my service to the Navy if I am needed. My sexual orientation has never been an issue for my command or my colleagues; it should not be an issue for my country, either.

Well said, Mr. Knight. Now go on out there and protect us. We’ll hold down the fort…