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Army Invites Soldiers to Spam Them About Homosexuals

Throughout the month of September, Army personnel will have the opportunity to leave notes in an online inbox where they can share their opinions about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the federal lawmaker-approved policy that forces soldiers to keep secret whether they are dog or cat people. You can try logging on to the inbox here, but unless you’ve got an Army Knowledge Online login you’ll probably be denied. Just like a homosexual in everyday life!

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  • Bryce

    Ugh…………. Who else do we need to ask?

  • Kris

    we have to ask your next door neighbor’s kid’s best friend in the first grade over 20 years ago, before they can let us know your baby’s daddy’s momma’s boyfriend?

  • Pitou

    We all do realize the reason they created the “Year-long study”… Right? They ALL wanted a stall tactic to get it past November.

    The Dems will LOSE control in November.. and repeal is fucked come January… For good. I needn’t say much about ENDA or the like for us.

    Fuck it. I don’t want to fight for this place anyway. I’d leave this good ‘ol USofA just as fast as I would walk past a hot chick spead eagle.

    Mmm.. No Thanks!

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