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Army’s 32-Page DADT Comic Book Teaches Soldiers How to Deny Being a Homogay

I have no idea why we were never sent a copy of Dignity And Respect, the 2001 comic that taught soldiers about how to handle an accusation of being a homosexual. And it was an official publication of the Army, you say?

Hoping to educate the troops about proper conduct under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the illustrated guide walks soldiers through the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior, coming out, and what sort of “conduct” is permissible. There are story lines, plot twists, and beautiful cartoon shading! The whole thing is 32 pages, but I wanted to share with you the scene that explains what happens a gay soldier can’t resist coming out to senior officers.

It’s almost as handy as this official Defense Department video explaining what to do if you’re among the 400,000 troops who received a DADT survey!