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Arnold Schwarzenegger Throws Shade At Homophobic Facebook Heckler

arnold-1Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stance on gay rights has always appeared a bit wobbly, particularly for a man who spent the better part of his career in a posing strap. During his tenure as California’s governor, he vetoed same-sex marriage, but nevertheless performed two gay marriage ceremonies and signed a bill removing a twisted “gay cure” provision from state law. Over the years, his message has been a mixed one at best.

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Well, Arnie’s swift takedown of a Facebook heckler suggests he’s come around once and for all. After a certain Jakub Bielawski — isn’t that a Bel Ami model? — criticized Arnold’s rainbow-hued profile photo with a semi-literate “What’s wrong with U Arnie? I have to unlike,” Schwarzenegger responded several minutes later with a tart “Hasta la vista.” And that, as they say, was that.

Bielawski very well may have deleted his comment, because it’s nowhere to be found. We prefer to think Arnold channeled his inner 12-year-old girl, rummaged around his privacy settings, and definitively blocked the guy.

Either way, he won’t be back.

h/t: CBS