Arrest Of Elderly Lesbians Endears U.S. To Proposed Gay Marriage Ban

Every now and then in videos supporting marriage equality, you’ll see an older long-term couple saying that they just want to get married before they die. In North Carolina’s ‘We Do’ campaign, this couple is Reverend Kathryn Cartledge and her partner of 30 years, Elizabeth Eve. Now let’s watch them get arrested for demanding a marriage license!

When Cartledge and Eve sat down on the floor of their county clerk’s office and refused to leave until they got a marriage certificate, the previously polite desk clerks called a bunch of big burly police officers to handcuff the couple and haul them off to the clink.


Won’t you please think of the children?

By the way, We Do’s videos are kickin’ butt. Very emotional, very well done. We wonder whether anything like this ever get play on North Carolina TV.

Via Towleroad

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  • kylew

    I’m filled with admiration for people such as these, whose commitment to their cause runs so deep. I used to not believe in gay marriage at all, feeling that begging to be let into that whole institution was simply playing by a set of rules and morality that we want nothing to do with. But thanks to a good friend from Oregon, and his amazing partner, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of legal recognition of a couple’s union, and now, it seems preposterous to me that such a union would not be recognised.

    If two people live as a couple, and behave in every way: commitment, finances, responsibility, loyalty, and love; as a married couple, then who is to say that they shouldn’t have the piece of paper that provides them with legal rights that go with that relationship?

  • boom

    JFC, the crazy bigots have stooped to the level of bullying sweet old ladies. What next, pushing toddlers over and kicking puppies? How far up the douche-metre will they go before people realise they’re not defending marriage, they’re just being villains?

  • Hyhybt

    @kylew: After all, if those who are in a marriage-type relationship are allowed to make it official, that wouldn’t mean everyone had to pair up that way. You can still do your own thing.

  • Shannon1981

    @boom: arresting them??? Seriously? What is the charge?

  • Hyhybt

    @Shannon1981: Usually it’s trespassing, which is what people are doing if they are asked to leave and do not.

  • Shannon1981

    @Hyhybt: Still heartless. Are they out of jail now?

  • Cam

    The fact that things like this are going on in NC, and we have marriage in Iowa must just freak the bigots out.

    Formerly they would have thought that things like this would only go on in CA. But when you’re getting protests and fights like this in a state like NC, it’s only a matter of time.

  • Nick

    @Shannon1981 Yes they’re out now. They were only in jail for that day.

  • Shannon1981

    @Nick: Good. And good on them. And anyone who would arrest two little old ladies…there is a special place in hell, if it indeed exists.

  • Jim Hlavac

    These sorts of people, these two fine ladies, are unwittingly setting up our Bull Connor moment — the moment when the vast majority of the nation will recoil in horror — much as the nation turned on Jim Crow virtually overnight when Mr. Connor, sheriff of Alabama, took the water hoses to the kids and moms marching down there. I have no doubt that we are awaiting our moment, when the nation just recoils and says collectively “what the hell are you doing?” No one can say when that moment will arrive, but arrive it will. I feel good; though with concern for those pilloried by the Bull Connor of our gay quest.

  • Riker

    @Shannon1981: What’s the alternative? Allow them to occupy your office indefinitely? Overnight? Weekends?

    The law preventing same-sex marriage is unjust, but arrest was the only option available.

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