Arrests Made in San Fran Lesbian Gang Rape Case

“Two men and two teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of gang-raping a woman last month in the San Francisco Bay area while taunting her for being a lesbian, the police said. Those arrested were Humberto H. Salvador, 31; Josue Gonzalez, 21; and a 15- and a 16-year-old whose names were not released. Detectives say the 28-year-old victim was attacked Dec. 13 after she got out of her car, which bore a rainbow gay pride sticker.” [AP]

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  • Abby

    That’s not a solution, that’s murder.

  • BrianPrince

    We could take turns putting those big lips to use?

    That’ll teach him to bash (and swallow).

  • Dudous Migratorious

    Castration. Put it on the block if you do not use your equipment in a respectful manner.

  • JAY


  • Michael W.

    I don’t think I’d call the girl “living dead.” Rape isn’t the end of the line for every victim. She may be strong enough to pull through, already back to living her life with some semblance of normalcy. Afterall, these men could’ve killed her to prevent her from giving the police their descriptions. She may be thankful that she’s still alive.

    I definitely agree that they should all be killed, however.

  • tallskin

    Fuck, you yanks and your obsession with killing and murder – the death penalty is state sanctified murder.

    No wonder you live in such a violent, crime ridden society – you’re all obsessed with guns and violence. The murder rate in the USA is off the scale, and is only approached by societies like Iraq.

  • afrolito

    These people will be punished and sent to prison for years. END OF.

    In no way do they deserve to be murdered.

  • Nicola

    In the wake of this, it is a relief to know they have been apprehended and will serve time in jail for what they have done. Perhaps now they will realize how traumatized they have left this poor woman and what she had to endure and live with when other prisoners do the same to them! Justice has been served. Live and let live people, what others do in their bedroom is no one’s business but their own, and shame on those who judge others based on their color, sexual orientation or religion. Get a life and grow up, if not, may you pay for the sins you commit on others.

  • Michael W.

    They’ll get what, 10 or 15 years? One or two will probably get even softer sentences for flipping on the others. There’s always a leader who “coerced” the rest of the group and ends up with the most severe punishment. I watch Law & Order.

    Then they’re released, either to a great new job offer with benefits that allows them to become productive citizens or back to the streets where they continue preying on the weak like the hardened thugs they were raised to be. Which do you think will happen?

    Kill them now and save the next victim(s). They may not be able to give police their descriptions.

  • JJJJ

    Tallskin : Most gay activists only call for the death penalty when the victim of murder or rape is gay/lesbian.

  • tallskin

    Michael W. you sound just like a rabid right wing rag called the Daily Mail we have here in the UK – and about as well informed.

    JJJJ, yes you’re right !!

  • afrolito


    Tallskin : Most gay activists only call for the death penalty when the victim of murder or rape is gay/lesbian.

    Or when the victim is white, and the attackers are black and latino. Hence adjectives like “animals and thugs”.

    What they did to that woman was terrible, but she’s still alive. Why should they be dead??

  • tallskin

    Afrolito – “Most gay activists only call for the death penalty when the victim of murder or rape is gay/lesbian.”

    Really??? You would never ever get a gay activist calling for the death penalty here in the UK, not ever.

    Only the most rabid right wing loons call for the death penalty in Europe.

  • Michael W.

    @afrolito: Must you see everything through a racial prism?

    I’ve never even laid eyes on the victim, never read a physical description that included her skin color. I have no idea of her race. And if all five people involved were white, I’d still be calling for the heads of the perpetrators. I despise rapists no matter what country their genes originate.

    These hoodlums picked a woman off the street at random and gang raped her. They have no respect for human life so why should they be given a chance to destroy it again?

    If that was your sister (as in blood relative sister), would you not want them dead?

  • JJJJ

    Afrolito : I’m against capital punishment period, for anybody. But for those who are FOR capital punishment, I only respect them if they’re fair across the board. Like I said, most gay activists seem to only call for capital punishment if a gay or lesbian is the victim. As far as racial disparity….hmmm, I’m not sure about that. Don’t most gays seem to bend over backwards to be politically correct?

  • afrolito

    @Michael W.:

    Must you see everything through a racial prism?

    So says the man who lives his entire life in a racist black hole.
    Your comments fell right in line with your usual pattern of thinking in regards to people of color.

    If my “sister” (or any sistah) was gangraped, I would not be calling for the death penalty. I don’t believe in it under ANY circumstance.

  • JJJJ

    Tallskin : Then maybe the gay activists in the U.K. are a more sensible bunch. In the U.S. they’re often ridiculous.

  • afrolito


    Don’t most gays seem to bend over backwards to be politically correct?

    Really? There’s ZERO evidence of that on queerty. In any case, political corectness doesn’t absolve very real racism.

  • JJJJ

    Afrolito : Yet again, I tell you to go back and look at the Duke lacrosse rape hoax posts (on Queerty and ANY gay blog). Gays were directly involved both online, and in a hands-on format, in trying to destroy the lives of the falsely accused (and their families) because they were Caucasian (with Queerty’s David Hauslaib leading them), and because the alleged victim was Black. Also, posts on the Larry King shooting last year mostly call for death (or mutilation, in grim detail) for the Caucasian defendent.//////On the other hand, I’m not going to deny what you say is true. If you’ve seen others who seem to speak more harshly about defendents “of color” I’ll believe you.////I guess both types are out there.

  • afrolito


    Yes, both types are definetely out there.

  • afrolito


  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Fugly sums up the pictured Loser (who’s about to become Bubba’s Boi!)

    Death is the easy way Out for these Monsters!


    BTW – Are Afrolito and Tallskin dating?

    Did I write M*O*N*S*T*E*R*S!

  • Thomas

    “No wonder you live in such a violent, crime ridden society – you’re all obsessed with guns and violence. The murder rate in the USA is off the scale, and is only approached by societies like Iraq.”

    First of all, Tallskin, the UK is a more “crime ridden society” with overall crime rate of 85.55 per 1,000 compared to the US rate of 80.06 per 1,000. Second, the murder rate in the US while higher than western Europe it’s hardly “off the scale and only approached by societies like Iraq. In fact, European countries like the Baltic States and Russia have much higher homicide rates. And by the way, the state I live in, Minnesota, hasn’t had the death penalty since 1911. Keep your dumb anti-American propaganda to yourself.

  • tallskin

    Thomas –

    Ooooooo, spiteful! Get you Girl!

    My comments were made in despair at the sheer blood lust being displayed by commentators on here.

    taking a look at international crime rates the stats vary and can be twisted to say that either Europe or the USA has higher crime rates, depending upon how you look at them. Eg the UK has higher rates of assault, whereas the US has much higher murder rates.

    You could actually relate both the higher murder rates in the US and the higher assault rates in the UK to the high rates / no rates of gun ownership in the two countries – ie more guns equals more murder, and the fact that we have no guns to the higher assault stats.

    However, you cannot deny the slavering blood lust expressed above! Or can you? Personally speaking I find the ending of the death penalty a real achievement and a sign of a civilised society.

    And if Minni-sota has removed the death penalty that is great. But keep going, the rest of the country still doesn’t agree with you. Obviously.

  • Kit


    Polls regularly show majority support for the death penalty in the UK, so let’s not pretend there’s some huge difference in public opinion between our countries.

    “And if Minni-sota has removed the death penalty that is great. But keep going, the rest of the country still doesn’t agree with you. Obviously.”

    Several states have abolished the death penalty. (Mine abolished it almost a century before Britain did, by the way.) In many others it’s extremely rare, a virtual dead letter so to speak. The vast majority of executions in the US are performed in just a handful of states. So in fact it isn’t obvious at all.

  • tallskin


    it is true that the great unwashed here in the UK want to re-establish executing criminals for murder. They also wanted to put HIV infected people into concentration camps during the 80s. And I am also sure that large minority of the great british unwashed would want homosexuality made illegal again. Also a sizeable minority would want black immigrants deported, even those born here.

    My point? My point is that a wise political leadership should never pander to the basest prejudices of the electorate.

    It seems to me the height of wisdom is to recognise that democracy has to be controlled, that the majority of the people have to be guided, that their basest instincts have to be controlled. And a wise and educated electorate realises this.

    That is why we have a representational democracy, we elect people from amongst us to deal with issues for us in parliaments or congresses.

    Allowing too much democracy merely allows powerful individuals and/or demagogues to whip up a mob. Thus with referendums – the mob decides on issues. You can quite clearly see this with Prop 8 when a bullying majority took away the civil rights of a minority. You also have the problem that a hell of a lot of people who have the vote cannot be swayed by arguments, or considerations of justice, fairness, human rights, and who will always vote in a bigoted and prejudicial manner – or will simply vote as their Masters in the Press/TV tell them to. These people will often vote against their own economic interests, as in poor white trash voting Republican in the USA or Tory here.

    And whilst it is true that a, probable, majority of the UK electorate want the death penalty restored, our elected representatives here, enforced by being in the European Union (membership of which totally forbids the death penalty) have over the decades refused to re-introduce it when it has come up for a new vote, despite hysterical clamouring from the right wing press and hectoring demands from their electorate in the form of full to bursting postbags.

    And yes this is elitest, I agree. But I want representatives in Parliament who have an ideal of human rights issues, who can be reasoned with and whose opinions can be changed. I want representatives in my parliament who are professional politicians, just as I want a doctor or airline pilot who is a professional.

    Like I said the abolition of the death penalty, and maintaining its abolition, is an indication of an advanced civilisation – right across Western Europe.

    I think the problem with the USA is that you tend to think allowing the great unwashed, ie “The People”, a free vote on issues is a good thing. I don’t. I think the unrepresentative European political elite has a lot going for it, not just in terms of the death penalty, but also in its considerations of gay issues and the fact that is, more or less, totally secular, and unswayed by religious concerns – religion being the evil that has so held back gay issues in the USA. You may disagree with me, and that is fine.

    I would argue against my own point here and say that if education were better then maybe I would support more referendums. But we have what we have and we have to work with it. And with the present system I don’t want a great mass of ill-educated morons being permitted to vote on whether or not I can love my boyfriend or not, or marry him or not (have a civil partnership, or whatever).

    On another point, – for me being gay means being Better Than Them, holding higher morals, being of greater ethics than the great mass of the electorate, a lot of whom, as I said above, it is impossible to sway by force of argument.

    Being against the death penalty is one issue that is flag along this road. And I find it distressing that so many in this discussion thread are baying for blood.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Tallskin is Churchill-y from Boston who lost his job and returned to Mary-Old England……….obviously bitter and still racist!

    Meanwhile, we must STOP the VIOLENCE against our Gay Families!

    We should report every Quality of Life issue in our neighborhoods until the scum are locked up including religious hawkers on Government property….just like the rabid, radical, religious Rapture Right do to every Gay keystroke on the World Wide Web!

    Better dust off those Pink Triangles….

  • Charles J. Mueller


    An exceedingly well thought out and well worded post, Tallskin.

    You made your point quite effectively when you said “You can quite clearly see this with Prop 8 when a bullying majority took away the civil rights of a minority.

    That is clear, indeed, and supports the thrust of your argument. We are witnessing far too much bullying here in the US. especially from the bully pulpits and the masters of the religious right, who believe that everyone should and must not only do what they say, but live as they dictate.

    These people are not practicing Democracy but rather, monarchism with themselves appointed as King.

    Our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves.

  • nikko

    Most Excellent, TALLSKIN!

  • tallskin

    seitan-on-a-stick – are you having a bad day honeypie?

    I would suggest you chill-out and close the curtain, smoke a joint, watch a DVD

    Then you might feel better!

    Love and kIsses

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Foreskin did not write anything offensive to me! What did I do wrong to be the object of his affection? How can I rectify this?

    Two Words: British Teeth!

  • tallskin

    Seiten I would say “American Brains” but that might be mis-construed as implying that you actually have one

    But hey, rest thee in some kind of piss. And may your personal deity not walk with you.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    “But hey, rest thee in some kind of piss.”

    That comment brought back the wonderful old Carnac The Magnificent schtick that Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon pulled off so well.

    Ed always had an annoying habit of repeating every thing Johnny would say. After doing it once too often, Johnny looked him in the eye and said,

    “Way the waters of the Marrakesh back up in your jockey shorts.”

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Typo: Way s/b May

  • Mister C

    Now girls, calm down….LOL

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Foreskin (previously Thatcher-ite or some failed British leader?) loves bashing American blacks from the dank side of the pond. Bravo, chicken-shit! For a Brit, you lack that dry superior wit one would expect. Are you an in-bred Windsor, or just uneducated since you had to help your Mum around the Council Flat? I’m guessing that you are in your 50s, look like you are in your 70s, skinny with a hollowed chest and chicken breasts, yellowed in the teeth and the silver un-dyed roots and that your lover has to be drunk to let you suck his dick where he grimaces in the mirror thinking about the hot trick he just had in Hyde Park. How’s that sugar-pie? (You would have to be from the 1940s to use the expression honeypie….) or a Tory with a roach-infested powdered wig!

  • Saturday Night Special

    I agree with the first commenter “One solution – 4 bullets”

  • Terry

    Sorry but mens comments on how rape affects women have the validity of a used peice of toilet paper. I agree with the first commenter. “One solution – 4 Bullets.”

  • Donovan

    @Abby: Only thing that solves trash like this. People like these men are the reason society is dying from the inside out. Mercy is weakness, allowing this sort of cancer to spread. Rapists, child molesters, murderers, gang members… they don’t deserve to live. They’ll go to prison, come out an do it again.

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