Murder She Subscribed

Arsonist serving life sentence for killing 11 people wants more sexy gay mags in prison

In 2011, 40-year-old Roger Kingsley Dean burned down the Quakers Hill nursing home where he worked to destroy evidence that he’d been stealing pain medication from the establishment.

Eleven elderly residents died in that fire, and for the crime, Dean was sentenced to life in prison.

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Now, The Daily Mail reports Dean had written to popular gay magazine DNA from his cell, asking if he could be added to the prison mailing list.

While the letter surfaced just this week, it was apparently written in 2013.

It was published on the mag’s letters page for issue #166:

Dear Editor, I used to be a regular DNA subscriber, but unfortunately I am now in prison doing a life sentence.

I wonder if your marketing department can liaise with my prison’s general manager to suggest they include DNA on the prison magazine buying list.

I have spoken with various gay inmates who also feel frustrated that they are not able to buy gay books, literature and magazine.

The magazine wrote back to say it’s a “bummer” he’s “doing hard time without appropriate reading material,” and assures that they’ll be “in touch with the general manager about the buy list.”

Talking to The Daily Telegraph, a prison spokeswoman said DNA magazine was (not surprisingly) still unavailable at Goulburn prison, and she can’t confirm whether or not Dean really wrote the letter.