ART: Catherine Opie Exhibits New Works At L.A.’s Regen Projects


Anthony and Michael

New works from renowned photographer Catherine Opie will go on view at Regen Projects in Los Angeles starting February 23.  The images, new portraits and landscapes, draw on Opie’s background in documentary photography, the traditions of painting, the history of photography, and her identity as a lesbian.

Opie’s new portraits evoke the sublime and the inner psychological space of both the viewer and subject. Utilizing techniques of chiaroscuro, color, and formal composition found in classical 17th century portraiture, Opie arranges her subjects in allegorical poses that suggest an emotional state.

Evoking formal classicism, these beautifully elegant and technically masterful compositions immerse and seduce the eye. Opie’s subjects have always been part of her personal community, and the range of individuals in these new works illustrates how this community has shifted and expanded.

Catherine Opie runs at Regen Projects through March 29.