ART: Philip Bonneau’s “Heroes/Villains” Takes Comics, Sci-Fi To Brave New Heights


PHOTOS: Atlanta artist Philip Bonneau shares our love of comics culture, as evidenced in his uncanny photography series, “Heroes/Villains.” Some images in the series capture the larger-than-life majesty of do-gooders and ne’er-do-wells, but we also love how Bonneau captures comic-book characters in their more human moments. Hey, even Superman puts his tights on one leg at a time.

This collection of images is based around adults reconnecting with their childhood and remembering what it was like to pretend. As most people age that imagination gets lost somewhere in the shuffle of adult life. Stress takes over. The dreams shift from the fantastical to, for some, just getting by and making ends meet.

I strive to bring that sense of wonder back to adults. I do so, taking into consideration that not every boy growing up wanted to be Batman or Superman. Some wanted to be Wonder Woman. With this work, I’ve given my subjects the chance to rediscover their childhood fantasies. In doing so, these people have become my heroes.

To see more of “Heroes/Villains”—including the chance to buy an original print for yourself—visit his artist’s page.