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Arthus And Nico’s Boudoir Is Grand And Gay

Anthony-ArthusNicoIt looks like Arthus and Nico Saumur are staying at a quaint bed and breakfast. It also looks like they packed for a not-so-quaint weekend. This Petit Q photo shoot, called “Arthus Nico’s Boudoir,” shows some of the brand’s most crazy sexy designs. Cut into shockingly revealing shapes, the underwear looks not only defy our expectations, but appear to defy gravity. You wonder how those strap-y pieces of fabric stay on. Then later in the photo shoot you realize, oh, they don’t.

Some of Petit Q’s tamer looks are modeled in the photo shoot, too. Two full-coverage styles are shown — a brief and a boxer. The pair of guys — an actual couple from France — wear different color options, both underwear styles rocking black/red and white/blue contrasts. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Petit Q C-Jock. The design is a waistband, rear straps, and a tiny pouch that’s like a literal cock sock.

You can see more of this photo shoot on The Underwear Expert.

Naked-ArthusNico ArthusNico3 ArthusNico2 Anthony-ArthusNico

Photo Credit: Petit Q