Artist Paints Anderson Cooper, RuPaul, NPH Onto Sistine Chapel Ceiling

creation of neal

Browyn Lundberg has improved on Michelangelo, sort of: The artist, whose work has appeared in the Advocate, is selling a revamped version of the Sistine Chapel ceiling on that features gay icons like John Waters, Neil Patrick Harris, Anderson Cooper, RuPaul and George Takei in prominent roles.

“This is the follow-up to The Lesbian Last Supper, featuring recognizable ‘out’ men in a portion of one of human kind’s most epic creations by Michelangelo,” writes Lundberg, who lives in West Hollywood. “I believe gay men (and women) have existed since the beginning of time, which is why I think it’s important to include them in historic works of art.”

The limited-edition  prints are only $29.99. If there’s someone you still owe a Christmas present, this is definitely a winner.


last supper

h/t: Joe. My God.

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