Artist Paul Richmond Plays Ringmaster To Some Three-Ring Beauties

We first fell in love with the work of artist Paul Richmond when we saw his cheeky portraits of gay personalities like Ari Gold and Jessie Archer. He’s got a whole new circus-inspired series, “Ringmasters & Fabulous Oddities,” that went up at Lyman-Eyer Gallery in Provincetown in early July.

Here’s how he describes the works:

“With a nod to vintage circus, sideshow, and burlesque posters, my series Ringmasters & Fabulous Oddities portrays scantily-clad male figures as star attractions. Their roles are varied – from The Snake Charmer with his cool, seductive gaze to The Bear Tamer, shown losing control of his act (and his pants!).

This series also features two contemporary male burlesque dancers, Tom DeLish and Bobbie Burlesque, both of whom entice their audience to new understandings of male sexuality. By placing men center-stage as both storytellers and objects of desire, I seek to challenge traditional ideologies around gender roles. And the sumptuous imagery of the big top provides a perfect setting for viewers to be dazzled and delighted in the process. Step right up…”

The show ended on July 18, but the gallery still has some of Richmond’s works, and you can see more online on Richmond’s website.