Artists Get Creative With Pat Robertson

Sure, we love Mark Foley and we love GLAAD, but we really love art. We’re particularly fond of art that takes the piss out of homo-hater fuck wads who distort religion for their own pursuit of evil.

That said, we definitely love what’s happening over at Garrett County Press. The small company based out of Phillie “asked 56 international artists to “color in” The Pat Robertson & Friends Coloring Book,” as they say.

The results? Incredible! In fact, we meant to post this bit of fun earlier, but we got so wrapped up in the site that we lost track of time. Sorry, we’ve robbed you of precious time to fawn over the submissions.

The one pictured comes from Aaron Nather in Cali. You can’t really tell, but it appears to be Robertson playing tonsil hockey with a demon snake. They’re in love. How can we tell? There’s a burning hell heart around them. There’s also some sort of creepy eye at the bottom. We don’t know why, but we love it.

Follow this here link to check out a close up and 55 more.