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As Australia’s Greens Submit Marriage Equality Bill, PM Julia Gillard Won’t Let Anybody From the Labor Party Support it

In a calculated political move, members of Australia’s Green Party plants to introduce legislation that would strike down the country’s version of DOMA to allow same-sex couples to marry, even though there’s all but zero chance of them pushing the bill through. Prime Minster Julia Gillard, leader of the Labor Party and adamant proponent of marriage discrimination, says she won’t even let her party’s lawmakers enter a “conscious vote” on the bill and break from the party line, going on record as supporting marriage equality even if the bill is destined to fail. So sorry, Penny Wong: The lesbian cabinet member has to maintain her opposition to letting her own community get married.

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  • sam

    Before all the ranga-hate leaps in, as horrid as she is on the subject, let’s remember who the other choice for prime minister was…

  • Michael Peterer

    Er… “veto-proof majority” makes absolutely zero sense in the Australian context. It always pains me to see American reports on issues relating to Australian government, almost no one feels the need to research.

  • Tyler

    Yeah, technically the Queen’s representative can refuse to sign a bill (and there’s no way to override that veto) but I don’t think that has happened in the history of Australia, and it hasn’t happened in England for more than 300 years. I think what they probably meant is even if Labor senators support the bill in the current Senate, there are not enough votes (as they currently depend on a “Family First” Senator for their majority).

  • Michael Peterer

    I really doubt that’s what they meant, because it isn’t anything like what they said.

  • Nick Farben

    Julia Gillard is unlikely to ‘support’ anything until she is certain that it will pass. First, she’ll form a committee to undertake a ‘feasibility study’ to have gay marriage. Then the Liberals will say that they have no interest in joining the ‘non-partisan’ committee. Then Julia Gillard will invite Greens and Independents to join the committee to lend it credibility. The Greens will send their leader, Bob Brown, who is openly gay. Feasibility study comes back favorable. Julia Gillard will say something about not personally supporting gay marriage, but as a facilitator of the non-partisan committee, will approve the committee’s suggestions.

  • Nick Farben

    That or she’ll lose in a by-election… Tony Abbott becomes PM, and Australia becomes a fascist state for 3 years.

    At least the current trend shows The Greens to have rapid momentum.

  • robert in nyc

    Nick Farben, No. 5….I only hope that happens.

    In the UK, the Liberal Democratic party, now part of the Tory coalition goverment of David Cameron recently endorsed same-sex marriage as official party policy. Ed Miliband, the newly elected leader of the Labour Party there has declared support for it along with his brother, the former secretary of state, David Miliband as well as several others in their party. If Labour endorses marriage equality and probably will, its going to put pressure on Cameron to do something though I doubt if he will since he’ll give consideration first to his bigot base, although I hope I’m pleasantly surprised. There is a similarity between the situation in the UK and in Australia although I think the UK will go the extra mile and do it, sooner rather than later. I hope that will impact what happens in Australia.

  • jason

    Australia is very backward in many ways. It’s basically a redneck country, having been born from British criminals who were banished there in the 1700’s. Think Deep South of the USA in the 1940’s and you’ll get a good idea of what modern Australia is like.

  • sam

    @jason: And you’ll be rather wrong, shockingly enough :P

  • Chris

    @sam: don’t mind jason, he can’t see the true facts as he still hasn’t figured out how to pull his head out of his ass.

  • Mark in Queensland

    @sam: @sam: You’re right if Abbott had gotten in, oy – – but I also think we’ll have another election by December – this one was a farce.

  • Simon

    As an Australian living in the US with a African American husband, Australia can seem like the deep South when we visit – the casual unwitting expressions of racism, blind unthinking nationalism, fear of marauding “boat people”, casually homophobia, macho sarcasm. This offset by very open political discourse, a secular government with an atheist PM, and encouraging polls indicating a large majority acceptance of gay marriage… Certainly is a mixed bag.

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