As Catholic Church Crusades Against Gay Marriage In France, ACT UP Fires Back

The gargoyles on Notre Dame have apparently come to life: Catholic leadership in France took today’s Assumption holiday to issue an attack on marriage equality and same-sex adoption.

President Francois Hollande has endorsed legislation to legalize marriage equality and gay adoption, a change polls say most French people support.

But French bishops at a conference asked priests to lead their congregation in prayers underscoring ‘‘the love of a father and a mother” and urging Gallic politicians to resist pleas by gay-rights group.

Below, ACT UP France issued a parody video attacking the Church’s “call to prayer.” We don’t know what he’s saying but perhaps a Queerty reader who parlezes Français can translate?




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  • MikeE

    basically, the subtitles are “translating” what the nun is reading.

    for example:
    said: “let us pray for those who have decisional power”
    read: “pray for the bankers and business leaders, etc…”

    said: “and that they have the strength to follow their good conscience”
    read: “and that the obey the orders of the church”

    there’s a reference to “healthy families” which is subtitled as “anything except whiny dykes and faggots”, etc…

    so it’s a parody of the church’s actual interests.

  • MikeE

    @MikeE: could someone PLEASE check the “auto flag” system on this forum? You asked for a translation of what is in the video. I tried to offer it, but apparently, there are words in the translation that your robotic forum-police don’t like.

  • Pius

    I pray for the clergy to grasp that sodomy is normal.

  • Ogre Magi

    Don’t insult gargoyles by comparing them to Catholic priests!

  • Jaroslaw

    There are many things I love about the Catholic Church, but this hypocrisy of Same Sex has to stop. Let’s see how far they get when the Bishops issue prayers for single heteros to stop screwing and having babies out of wedlock. I mean hey, the love of a mother and father in the same house is essential, right?

  • roger

    @Emily: go away,you arent worth my time. spread your crap on your own site and stay off ours. invitation respectfully declined

  • Ruhlmann

    @Emily: Emily, your site sucks, it is the most boring thing I have ever seen on the internet. I would rather do a root canal on myself without anesthetic than to return. You screwed your sisters husband? You are a dog and don’t deserve family.

  • evancook

    I listened and translated the parody done in the clip. Here it is: “Brothers and sisters, on this day that we celebrate the ascension of the Virgin Mary, under whose patronage has created France, we present to God the annunciation of our Lady our prayers. During this difficult economic time many of our compatriots are victims of various restrictions and are relegated to uncertainty, so let us pray for our bosses, bankers and bond credit rating agents and for the poor to share their social security. For those who have been recently elected to trim government that their good sense for society brings forth specific requests of the hysterical faggots and dykes that they would have the strength to follow the orders of the Church. For the families of legitimate heterosexual Catholics to remain the only beneficiary of state support. That they still are able to screw peacefully despite the sodomites. For that marriage and nuclear family remain the only acceptable forms of social life. For the cute adolescents with soft skin, that we can help each child to discover his body thanks to our priests and bishops. That the fags and dykes cease to validate what we call ‘right to a child’ and that only our priests and our families can benefit from. Saints and our God, we trust the future to you through intersession of our Lady to accord you the courage to make the necessary choices to make a better quality of life for all. To provide a strong and loyal family in our youth. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

  • evancook

    That’s interesting; I just translated the piece and it’s being flagged.

  • the other Greg

    @evancook: That’s too funny! Maybe now you guys can translate it from French into “Pig Latin” to throw off Queerty’s auto-flag system.

    Come to think of it, maybe we can all make that a standard thing – Queerty-talk.

  • Jon

    @Jaroslaw: You cannot pick and choose things to “love” about the church. Incidentally, I’d be interested if you could name two.

    If you are catholic, the pope is infallible and is god’s representative on earth. There is no getting around this unless you’re not catholic. End. Of. Story.

  • Robb_sf

    I just love the secularism of France more and more. They understand the separation of church and state and society needs to be inclusive of all. Religion constrains. It was only a few hundred years ago the Catholic church held serfs (slaves) as well…

  • MikeE

    @Jon: Actually, while the Vatican likes to say that the Poke is infallible, the average catholic doesn’t agree with many of the edicts coming out of Rome.

    A case in point: Quebec, the Canadian province, was the first place in North America to give legal recognition to same-sex couples (not marriage at the time, but civil unions). Quebec was, at that time, about 95% catholic. Support for the LGBT community has always been very high in Quebec. Catholic nuns in Quebec have been very vocal about changing their own role within the catholic hierarchy. This goes completely against Rome’s dictates.

    So yeah, “in theory” catholics are supposed to follow without saying a word the crap that comes from the Vatican. In practice? Not by a long shot.

    And just as an idea of how open society – including catholics – is in Quebec: my old piano teacher from when I was a kid, a catholic nun, is always asking me about my husband, how he is, etc… she wanted to come to our wedding but was on a Mission in South America at the time. And I KNOW she would have been there had she been in town.

  • Martin

    @Jon: Is that just your opinion, or something you actually have control over??

    Too many people have lost sight of the message of religion and see only dogma and tradition and rules.

  • randy

    In France, there are more tourists than worshippers in most any church.

  • F Stratford


    You are either naive or a liar. The popes infallibility is limited to ex cathedra pronouncements for doctrinal issues. Even his encyclicals are fallible.

    And since fallibility has to be ex cathedra, we all know that the pope has zero authority on civil matters like marriage.

  • Jon

    @MikeE: I am aware what that the average catholic does not agree with the edicts of the Vatican, but then you are not a catholic. I don’t make these stupid rules, in fact, I think that all religion without exception is unadulterated bullshit. Just like the haters cherry pick the bible and then use that berate the gays, catholics do the same for their particular cult.

  • Jon

    @F Stratford: I am neither. If the pope has no authority on civil matters, then explain why he is – and they have always – interfering in politics globally?

    My opinion of him is that he is a stupid old man in a dress wearing a stupid hat surrounded by fawning stupid old me of the same ilk practicing bronze age mumbo-jumbo.

  • jack512

    Most of the French people are Catholic in name only. Few of them go to church regularly and even fewer of them listen to the church’s teachings on sexual ethics or marriage and family issues.They are like most Western Europeans, cultural catholics. They enjoy the religious holidays and ignore most of its teachings.

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