As Goes Nancy Pelosi, So Goes McDonald’s Toys: Gone

With San Francisco’s House Rep. Nancy Pelosi losing her speaker gig now that Republicans are claiming the chamber, her district is seeing another loss: McDonald’s toys. Threatening a ban last month, the city’s Board of Supervisors yesterday passed a law barring toys from being distributed with meals that don’t meet certain health specs. Great. Now what the hell are we going to throw at awful McDonald’s employees?

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  • caffesilvia

    This is regrettable, because it does NOT ban the food and will do nothing to improve kids’ diets. All it does is take away their toys.

  • Daez

    Here I was thinking it should be up to the parent to decide what their kids ate. God, I’m glad I don’t live in SF, its liberal paradise gone to hell.

    Any laws that severely restrict personal choice of an individual or a guardian for no particular reason are an overreach and abuse of government power.

  • :)

    Parents can still buy their kids shitburgers, McDonalds just can’t ply children with toys. It’s a restriction on childrens advertising, not personal choice.

  • Baxter

    Living in SF must be unbearable.

  • i_dunno_but

    It isn’t just SF, but all of CA to a lesser extent… we’re the gov’t and we’re here to protect you from yourself.

  • Queer Supremacist

    When Gavin Newsom and the government-worshipping goosesteppers who infest Queerty oppose this, they have gone too far.

  • ousslander

    liberal totalitarianism at it’s best and here I thought it was just the republicans to fear

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