brooke on jacko

‘As he grew older … the more asexual he became to me’


“As he grew older and the more he started to change physically, the more asexual he became to me. It was easy for him to be a friend to me, because I was the most celebrated virgin ever; it’s ridiculous, but I was America’s virgin. … You saw women who were more sexual, who wanted to throw themselves at him and feel like they were going to teach him; we just found each other, and we didn’t have to deal with our sexuality. As I grew up and started having boyfriends, I would share with him, and he was like a little kid who talked about the bases- what first base was, what second base was, and it sounded very odd to the outside, I can imagine, but to the inside, to someone who’s never really left his bubble, you can understand how he would be curious. … There were times when he would ask me to marry him, and I would say, ‘You have me for the rest of your life, you don’t need to marry me, I’m going to go on and do my own life and have my own marriage and my own kids, and you’ll always have me.’ I think it made him relax. He didn’t want to lose things that meant something to him.” —Brooke Shields on her friend, the King of Pop, who she last saw in 1991

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  • Cam

    Um…..Brooke, that wasn’t asexuality, that was disinterest. You were young and at that time one of the hottest girls in the country, you were used to guys looking at you all the time and lusting after you…he didn’t because he wasn’t interested in what you had.

  • funnyhunny

    last saw in 1991?

  • mikebuc

    Brooke still looks fabulous!

  • me

    i think i saw her picture in the dictionary next to “fag hag”

  • Marius

    Apart from his family, how many of the people onstage at the tribute even knew him?

    Miss Ross didn’t even show up.

  • RainaWeather

    Miss Ross probably couldn’t handle it.

  • Mixy Trix

    @me: What does that mean? What the hell are you talking about?

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