As Russia Doubles Down On Oppression, Ukraine Promises Legal Protections For Gays

Kiew_ZentrumEven as homosexual-propaganda bans proliferate in Russia, officials in neighboring Ukraine are promising the passage of a law prohibiting discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Ukraine foreign minister Leonid Kozhara has said a measure will be passed soon, to help speed up  the country’s integration into the European Union:

Kozhara told the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza:

The issue of homosexuals is now generating strong controversy in Ukraine, but our government has already prepared a draft law and will soon submit it to the parliament.

Without a law that prohibits discrimination against gays, we cannot move on the road to abolition of visas. I think that the will to further integration with the European Union outweighs the resistance, and the law will be passed.

Great, we’re an “issue”—could have sworn we were human beings.

While we’re glad Ukraine’s LGBT community (make that LGB community) will be getting some measure of protections, Kozhara makes it sound like its just some paperwork being shuffled around that will have no real impact on life in the Eastern European country.

You’ll forgive us if we don’t do a shot of Stoli in celebration.