As UK Nears Marriage Equality, Openly Gay MP Still Waiting on “Prince Charming”


The right of same-sex couples to demonstrate their love and commitment to each other before their family and friends will be a lasting social reform of this Parliament. The legislation is brought forward by this coalition Government but supported by Members from all parties around the House.

“Bristol West has three Quaker meeting houses, a Unitarian chapel and a reform synagogue, so the country’s first same-sex marriage may well be in my own constituency—but, personally, I am still waiting for my own Prince Charming so that I may be able to take advantage of this new legal right.”

Openly gay Liberal Democrat MP for Bristol West Stephen Williams addressing the Queen’s Speech in Parliament (via PinkNews) to the tune of “Some Day My Prince Will Come.” Or “Dancing Queen,” his favorite song. After this, someone’s definitely going to want to put a ring on it…that is, once the UK passes gay marriage later this year.