As Widely Expected, Russian Parliament Considers National Ban On “Gay Propaganda”

Legislation similar to St. Petersburg’s anti-gay-propaganda law has been submitted to the lower house of Parliament, the Washington Post reports.

Writes the Post:

The bill calls for fines of up to 500,000 rubles ($16,500) for “spreading homosexual propaganda” among minors…

The legislation also calls for an up to 1 million ruble ($33,000) fine for material promoting pedophilia.

What a vile little Santorum-esque addendum, placing homosexuality in the same unlawful basket as pedophilia.

Activists from AllOut.org had warned that the passage of the bill in cosmopolitan St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, could pave the way for the nationalization of the anti-gay policy.

At this moment, we hope the people of Russia will take the time to watch AllOut’s moving video below, made in the run-up to the St. Petersburg ban, and urge their federal legislators not to take their country backward into history. They would do well to remind themselves of the pains and restrictions of their yesteryear—and, make no mistake, this is a step backward toward that.