Party Out Of Bounds

Ascension Dance Party Goes To Greece In Response To Fire Island Pines Boycott

article-bathtub2-1029-360x498There’s even more fallout from hotelier Ian Reisner’s enduringly unwise decision to host a party for GOP Ted Cruz at his glassy, glossy midtown monstrosity The Out NYC home.

Organizers of the annual Ascension party have ceremoniously pulled out of hosting the modern Bacchanalia at a Reisner-owned venue on Fire Island, the party’s home for the last nine years. Instead, Ascension’s producer Eric Von Kuersteiner will be luring his Speedo-clad minions of flag dancers and glow stick twirlers to Mykonos, Greece.

While the official word is doused in sparkles and rainbow swirls — “the Fund wanted to find a special and unexpected way to produce the 10th Anniversary!” —  Edge Media Network breathlessly reports that Von Kuersteiner shared a few choice words in a (theoretically) closed Facebook group.

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Alluding to the recent boycott of Reisner’s OUTpost Fire Island Pines properties, Von Kuersteiner writes: “I thought that the Boycott would have convinced Ian to do the right thing and sell. (He’s had offers since I withdrew mine.) Unfortunately, however, he has not. As I would not personally patronize any of his properties, I cannot in good conscience support his businesses with any additional revenue that Ascension brings to the Pines every year.”

If taking your throbbing hi-NRG party all the way to another continent sounds a bit extreme, keep in mind that Reisner — who not only hosted the Cruz event but donated $2,700 to his campaign fund — ill-advisedly told New York: “Gays are cheap… gays are entitled… Do you know how challenging it is to make a penny off a gay person?”

Hmm. Well, several thousand of those cheap gays are rearranging flight plans to attend a dance party in Mykonos, Greece.
h/t: Gay Star News