Ashlee Simpson Likes That Gays Like Her Man

The surprisingly popular Ashlee Simpson recently released a new album. And, as such, has been making the press rounds, including a pop in with fag rag HX. Having survived his run-in with Jeffrey Kalinsky, Brandon Voss forced Simpson to confront a scary fact: gay men love her boyfriend, Pete Wentz. Why do they like him? We’re not sure, maybe because he said he has no problems kissing men, which is apparently enough for some people.

BV: Do you mind those gay rumors or that so many gay guys wish Pete were gay?

AS: It doesn’t bother me, because he doesn’t act–I mean, I think I’d be more of the gay man in the relationship. He definitely wears the man-shoes in the relationship, which is great. I love that guys love him, too–that’s wonderful. It’s flattering.

She was totally going to say “act gay,” wasn’t she?