Asking If Elena Kagan Is Gay Is Not the Same Thing As Asking If Elena Kagan Enjoys Vibrators

Confusing sexual orientation with sexual activity is a mistake naive heteronormative persons make. And should be called out on. Knowing someone is straight doesn’t mean we know whether they like their balls pulled on or their nipples teased, or just boring missionary. Otherwise we could assume absolutely way too much about how Justice Antonin Scalia wound up with nine kids. [Glenn Greenwald, Matthew Yglesias]

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  • Cam

    Thank you! Thats what we’ve all been posting here for weeks. Asking somebody’s sexual orientation is NOT the same thing as asking how they like to fuck.

    Knowing that Justice Roberts and Justice Ginsburg have spouses doesn’t tell us what they do in bed. But people can only associate gay with sex. It is the same thing over on the post about the show “Modern Family” when people are coming in saying “Oh, you want them to kiss, next you’ll want them dry humping on the couch, or shooting a double anal scene.”

  • dvlaries

    Valid point or not, this was a headline that put a mental picture in my head that’s not going to do good things for my weekend.

  • ewe

    The remedy is to turn the tables on anyone who brings it up or writes about Kagan by demanding they answer invasive questions about their own orientation. For example: If someone like Orin Hatch insinuated something about Kagan then we would simply demand to know if Mrs. Hatch sucks his flacid cock. We can continue by asking him if he enjoys chewin her out. When they pretend to react in horror and disgust at the question, just hand them a big mirror. That should change the debate back to substance.

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