Ass-Backwards NOM Actually Cheering GOP Losses In NY Legislature

We skimmed over to the National Organization for Marriage blog this morning to see how they were spinning their complete and utter failure last night.

It’s quieter than a church cemetery over there—they must be trying to figure out how to complain the “will of the people” wasn’t being heard in the four marriage-equality races they lost.

The one post we saw—aside from a rehash of the same-sex marriage fight in France–was a cheerful note that a Republican State Senators who supported New York’s marriage-equality law, lost ground on Election Day.

The piece called it “a silver lining” that GOP Sen. Stephen Saland of Poughkeepsie (right) had lost his seat—and that Democrat Tim O’Brien took the seat vacated by pro-equality Republican James S. Alesi, who did not seek re-election.

Think about that for a second: If you’re a conservative group, the loss of Republicans—especially in a situation that  could tilt the Legislature toward Democratic control—should be upsetting. But NOM is so single-minded and spiteful it’s cheering its own setback.

Do they think the Democrats who’ve replaced Saland and Alesi will be more sympathetic to their hateful agenda?

This really feels like part of an ongoing salt-the-earth plan by right-wing Republicans: Third-party candidate Niel Di Carlo basically entered the race solely to dog Saland on his same-sex-marriage vote, and wound up siphoning votes away and ensuring a victory by Democrat Terry Gipson.

We’re thankful Saland crossed the aisle on this issue, and stood by him in the primary. But Gipson also supports the freedom to marry—the takeaway other GOP politicians should realize is that support for marriage equality is not a career-ender because the public will turn on you. It’s because your fruit-loop fringe groups will do everything they can to cut you off at the knees.

And we should mention, because NOM neglected to, that Sen. Mark Grisanti—who also voted for marriage-equality legislation in New York State—won his race for reelection.