Assault Charges Dropped Against Principal Who Banned GSA T-Shirt

A judge has dismissed assault charges against Sequoyah High School principal Maurice Moser, who was accused of physically assaulting a student wearing a t-shirt endorsing a Gay Straight Alliance at the Tennessee school.

In September, Moser came into a classroom to bring senior Chris Sigler into his office for a meeting about his wearing the shirt despite being told not. When Sigler tried to leave the room, Mosler claims he simply stood between the student and the door to block his exit. Sigler claimed Moser grabbed him by the shoulder, pushed him back into the room and chest bumped him.

However the scuttle went down, Sigler was the ultimate victor: The ACLU got  the Monroe County school system to allow students to wear t-shirts in support of the GSA.

Did they skip Freedom of Speech in Civics class at Sequoyah High or something?