Ass’t Principal At Catholic School Chooses Marriage Equality Over Job

mike moroskiAn assistant principal at a Catholic school in Cincinnati says he doesn’t regret supporting same-sex marriage on his blog, even though it will likely cost him his job.

Mike Moroski of Purcell Marian High School says the Archdiocese of Cincinnati placed him on administrative leave on February 4 and plans to terminate his position.

“I believe in Catholicism,” says Moroski. “But my conscience will not permit me to recant my statement. I put it up there because I really truly honestly believe it. I’m absolutely willing to lose my job over this. The only difficult thing for me now is the students.”

On January 27, Moroski published on his personal blog a post titled “Choose your battles”:

“I unabashedly believe that gay people should be allowed to marry. Ethically, morally and legally I believe this.

I spend a lot of my life trying to live as a Christian example of love for others, and my formation at Catholic grade school, high school, three Catholic universities and employment at two Catholic high schools has informed my conscience to believe that gay marriage is not something of which to be afraid.”

Moroski, 34, is heterosexual and acknowledges that his pro-marriage-equality statement technically violates the Archdiocese’s policy on social media, which requires employees to “comply with and act consistently in accordance with the stated philosophy and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.”

But even parents at the school think a teacher has a right to an opinion. “I think it’s unfair that a person cannot speak his mind on his own personal blog,” said one parent at Purcell Marian. “I think that’s closed-minded.”

This isn’t the first public battle the Archdiocese of Cincinnati has been in with staffers who veered from official church policy: In 2009, a nun was suspended for publicly supporting the ordination of women. And in 2010, a female staffer sued the Archdiocese for being fired after she became pregnant by artificial insemination out of wedlock.

Moroski, who is currently finishing his MBA at the University of Notre Dame, plans to run for Cincinnati City Council in the future.

He has our vote. Yeah, okay, we can’t vote in local Ohio elections, but you know what we mean.


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  • 2eo

    People with ethics, morals and a conscience. The machinations of christianity hate these people, they absolutely loathe them.

  • Harley

    A demonstration of REAL courage. Lessons to the log cabin repugnant-clans and the GO(not so)Proud clans. Stop throwing your gay brothers and sisters under the bus so you guys can make a buck.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Mr. Mike Moroski, Thank you for your support and your willingness to fight for what is right. I hope the new door you have opened fulfills you and gives you an adventure that will have you smiling towards the end of your career. Bravery, loyalty, and steadfastness are traits that will carry you through any adversities. I appreciate your strength and character.

  • gppm1103

    Run for office. Cincinnati needs more people like you.

  • Shannon1981

    What a stand up guy. Thank you, sir, for your integrity.

  • FStratford

    Fnish your MBA and do something great with it. (I hope you did not take on too much student loans that you have to work for a bank to pay them off)

  • Dakotahgeo

    Ah yes, another great worker in the Catholic Church of the Hierarchy of Pedophilia has been sacrificed on the altar of hypocrites… another victim of christian hooliganism. Who’s next? Ah yes, Our Lady of Petpetual Confusion! Unnnngh!

    And a big round of applause for Mr. Moroski!!!

  • Billysees

    @2eo: 1
    @Dakotahgeo: 7

    The machinations of christianity….

    ….christian hooliganism….

    The Book says exactly what you both said.

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”……KJV

    “spiritual wickedness in high places” is the best.

    “high places” surely refers to some churches and the organizations behind them.

  • jwrappaport

    When a mitzvah has been done, I say you must acknowledge it. Thank you, Mike – you have revealed yourself as a rare man of conscience. Your strife with Purcell Marian reminds me of that between Thomas More and Henry VIII in Man For All Seasons:

    “As a spaniel is to water so is a man to his own self. I will not give in because I oppose it. I do – not my pride, not my spleen, nor any of my appetites, but I do – I!”

  • Chad Hunt

    I hope this school is subsidized by the government so Mr. Moroski should be able to sue for wrongful termination just as the artificially inseminated worker did.

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