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(At Last?) Johnny Weir Sneaks Out Of The Closet. But He’d Still Marry a Lady

Johnny Weir, who this week added “guest judge” to his growing C.V., is finally going to talk about “the gay thing.” As in, how he is a homosexual person, but he’s never said the words aloud, publicly, which is apparently the only way decent society is allowed to know whether a person is a homosexual or not. In his new book Welcome to My World (which is being excerpted by People), Weir draws a line in the sand, and crosses it: “With people killing themselves and being scared into the closet, I hope that even just one person can gain strength from my story.”

Welcome home, Johnny! As if you’ve ever really been far from it. “I’m not ashamed to be me,” Weir writes. “More than anyone else I know, I love my life and accept myself. What’s wrong with being unique? I am proud of everything that I am and will become.”

Weir says like many other fey kids, he was called a “faggot” in school. He also says, as you’ll see form the giant pullquote, that “in a sexual way, I’m gay. But I would marry a woman tomorrow if it struck me. I don’t think sex and relationships necessarily have to go together.” Oooh, edgy! Johnny is basically a bisexual gay man, then. New trend alert!

Now, like most memoirs, Weir’s wouldn’t be complete without an attack on the media, and those gay websites that “couldn’t figure out why I was such a jerk that I wouldn’t talk” about being a gay. Well now you are!

And you’re also talking about GAY SEX! (in the book), but only referencing your skating romance with a one “Alex.” The details of that affair, mind you, are off the record.

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  • Joe

    This guy gives gays a bad name.
    His over the top, attention seeking antics put him up there with Snooki.
    On top of it all his shameless use of fur, is downright disgusting.
    We all know how animals are either anally electrocuted or drowned to get their fur.
    He is so heartless.

  • Daez

    Here I was thinking that I was fucked up about relationships. Which lets be honest, I am, but this dude is possibly more fucked up than I am.

    Sure, go ahead and marry a girl and fuck around with guys on a side…way to be an upstanding husband.

  • kayla

    Umm…as a woman, let me just say to Johnny: Good luck with that…You’d have to find one screwed up bitch to marry you…Or some fame whore…Or a desperate faghag…

  • Viral

    Does that mean once his skating career is over, Johnny’s gonna be starting a religious fanatic anti-gay group. Seems to be the trend of the ‘like the dick-marry a chick’ crowd

  • Daez

    @kayla: Unfortunately, everything you just listed is easier to find than a female with actual morals, values and self-respect. Sad but true!

  • Cam

    Siiigh, So now Johnny has moved from the “Why is it anybody’s business?” phase to the “Well, I’d marry a woman, because I get along so well with them!” phase.

    Guess in another 5 years he’ll be able to admit that he is gay AND that he would actually like to date a guy.

    Ugh, I’m so bored with this guy, AND I’m bored with people that claim wearing a silly hat or dressing flamboyantly is akin to coming out of the closet.

  • jay_max

    And to think the HRC gave him a “visibility award” at their regional annual dinner in Seattle a few months back… WTF!?!?

  • Reg

    God she’s a mess in a dress…sets us all back!

  • justiceontherocks

    Another waste of ink that will be in the $.99 book bin soon. This MIGHT have been interesting 30 years ago, but I doubt it.

  • Pazmateo

    What a moron. He would need a blind and deaf woman to marry.

  • t money

    im a weir supporter. i think he is funny and a character. does he turn it on? im sure, he is an ice skater.

    furhter, i dont think that his behaviour is a detrimental to the gays.
    no more than rappers behaviour is detrimental to the black community.
    why should we judge all blacks based on a few peoples behaviour? blacks are not a monolith. that being the case, neither are the gays. we have room for everyone. fatness, hairiness, queeniness and all.
    will i buy his book? maybe not. i only read dead peoples biographies.

  • Jeffree

    I was kinda hoping JW would come out as ase.xual, thereby leaving LGB people from being associated with him.

  • Devon

    If he wants to marry a woman I’d recommend Bristol Palin. Her mother can slaughter the animals from a helicopter while Johnny scoops them up, skins them, and wears them. It’s a fame whore match made in the depths of reality TV Hell.

  • romeo

    When the time comes, marry a guy, Johnny, and be happy. But pay attention to the guy; don’t take him for granted. You’re a handfull, but you’ve got all the attributes to find a nice guy, (hopefully with a job). Love is better than the mere companionship of marrying a woman. However, you need to stop reading all the comments sections on these websites. that’d drive anybody nuts.

  • Oh lord

    I don’t need to hear the details of his sexual encounters, but it sure would be interesting to hear some real dirt on the competitive figure skating world from someone who has recently competed at the elite level. Forget the gossip from certain bloggers elsewhere on the Internet who pretend to know more than they really do. Let’s have the real dirt from someone who actually knows what he’s talking about.

    Sure, there are already a few books out there on the topic, but they’re mostly from people whose experience was entirely in the 6.0 era. I’d like to hear how things are now. Doubt we’ll get much of that in this book unfortunately.

  • UWSguy

    just what we need another tacky fame whore

  • GayGOP

    Whoa boy! Talk about cheapening sex and love. Johnny…you’ve got a long way to go to mature.

  • Chris

    Oooh, edgy! Johnny is basically a bisexual gay man, then. New trend alert!

    Just because he said he would marry a woman…you’re assuming he’d have sex with her? He could be in a marriage, not sleep with “her” and still sleep with men… = gay.

  • Debora

    You go Johnny! You only go around once in this life, live it the way you want! I long for the day when all this sexual orientation crap goes the way of the dodo, who you sleep with should only matter to who you sleep with; outside of that relationship, it’s nobody’s damn business. It amazes me how people who profess to want freedom for everyone can turn so viciously against a person who happens to have a different view of sexuality and relationships than they do. Love who you want to love people, gay, straight, bi, whatever…just love, and leave the judgments at the bedroom door!

  • Clever

    I wish entertainers and public figures would keep their private lives private, we’d all be better off.

  • Max the Communist

    I’m gonna guess and say Johnny’s a homoflexible femme–not a pure Kinsey 6, but more likely to settle down sexually and romantically with a guy.

    I anticipate some Will & Grace thing in his life, if it hasn’t happened already. If that turns sexual, all I can say is, don’t rush to the alter, Johnny. Or look into polyamory as an option.

    So far as his fabulous femme-ness goes, I’m totally disgusted by some of the comments on this thread. Let him flame on! Have enough confidence in your own masculinity as a gay/bi man to not put down some other queer guy’s gender expression.

    You want more visibility as a straight-acting gay–go on youtube, make it happen, get attention yourself. Stop putting down femme men in the community.

  • Devon

    @Max the Communist:

    I’m putting him down for being an obnoxious, douchey, fame seeking prostitute for any spotlight that will have him, who wears the skins of slaughtered animals for no reason other than it looks so OMG SOOOO FIERRRRCE.

    His “fabulous femme-ness” has nothing to do with that.

  • Franky

    I have some conflicting feelings on Mr. Weir, but the hate he gets from pretty much everyone, gay, straight, bi, even a few trans folk I know, is pretty ridiculous. Most of the hate comes from the fact he doesn’t ascribe to the gender roles society has set out for us. He’s not a “man.” Well, no, he’s Johnny Weir, that’s how he defines himself, and our body parts don’t mean a person has to act a certain way. Is he a bit OTT? Possibly to some, but hey, it’s his prerogative and he’s free to be femme, and the most important thing is, he’s being true to himself and has no shame, insecurities or reservations, unlike MOST OF THE PEOPLE WHO ATTACK HIM, which just highlights the extreme insecurity of so many people in the world today, and the fact they need to lash out at others to validate themselves.

  • True

    He would have to settle for a woman – no self respecting gay man would be caught dead with this tragic queen.

  • So...

    As a desperate faghag, I’d marry him. Who cares?

  • Nathan

    @True: Why do femme guys offend you so much?

  • Cam

    @Franky: said….. ”
    Most of the hate comes from the fact he doesn’t ascribe to the gender roles society has set out for us. He’s not a “man.””

    No, actually thats the B.S. excuse that is used to try to hide the fact that the actual reason he gets people not liking him on here, is that he has danced and done everything possible to avoid actually saying he’s gay, BUT he tried to play the “Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge” game with the gay community silently, saying “Come on guys, you know I’m gay, so support me, just don’t expect me to come out.

    Well the community is a few decades beyond blindly supporting somebody like that. When we have all come out to others, in our work, etc… I’m not going to stand up and say how great somebody is because they think wearing some outrageous clothing is a substitute for bravery.

    So finally Johnny comes out, but of course has to add in the “But I’d still marry a woman!” Yeah, Johnny…um, I hear the former wife of the ex NJ gov. is looking for somebody.

  • J.S.

    Great. On one hand he’s coming out, and on the other he’s confirming the Conservative viewpoint that homosexuality is a CHOICE people can control: that gay men can turn straight and marry straight…all it takes is meeting the right woman who ‘strikes’ them.


  • alan

    This is the great Weir coming out we’ve all been waiting for? He is still unclear. Either he’s asserting that he’s gay, but that can change if he only met a remarkable girl (the exact thing we strive to prove isn’t possible for us), or he’s stating he would enter a (cruel, unreasonable, irrational) platonic marriage with some girl who loves him and deny her a sex life while he goes off to bed with the gents. Both those views on sexuality and relationships are absurd.

    There is no such thing as a bisexual gay man. If you are a gay man, you are a gay man and women do not figure into the picture that way. It seems he is still trying to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to be a gay icon without identifying himself as wholly gay. Sorry, Johnny, can’t do it.


    All I can say ’bout above ^ ^ ^ ^ OUCH! :p

  • ted shaking head

    Yes, Weir might very well find a new friend in Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Dr. James Dobson and Pat Robertson when they hear his words about marrying a woman. They’ll say “See! We told you it’s a treatable mental condition that they can change at will! If one of the most famous among you can turn it right around and marry a chick tomorrow, so can you, bro! Don’t come asking US for respect, equal rights, or gay marriage when you’ve damn well got it in you to conform and be like everybody else!”

    Go back in your closet and stay there, out of the public eye, please, Johnny Weir. Please, please, please!

  • Tommy

    He has to marry a woman! He acts so ridiculous that no guy would want to marry him.
    He’s someone who doesn’t want to be bothered to work hard but just wants to be in the media. His skating career flopped because he couldn’t be bothered to train hard, but would rather throw tantrums.
    He forgot this very important rule. Hard work trumps talent especially when talent doesn’t work very hard.

  • DR

    It’s the same nonsense we got with Adam Lambert.

    Months of coy “wink wink, nudge nudge” from the person in question. Always pushing the boundaries and guessing that people will figure it out but never bothering to confirm it because “it’s nobody’s business”.

    When they do get around to confirm it, months after AI or the Olympics, it’s a blatant cash grab (I remember an interview with Lambert where he admitted he always wanted to come out in Rolling Stone).

    Both manage to work some sort of pseudo-bisexual commentary into their coming out, just to appear “edgy” and “hip”.

    Whatever. I’d be more supportive if the coming out process wasn’t turned into some sort of game for these “celebrities”. McClellan, Roberts, Thomas, Knapp, Paquin, Carlson… they came out with class. This is anything but.

  • MM

    “I long for the day when all this sexual orientation crap goes the way of the dodo”

    Sexual orientation isn’t crap – Johnny Weir is 100% gay, he has no intention of fucking women, he just wants a woman to have his kids (he said so in his show).

  • Tim

    I think he would like to marry a woman so he could share clothes with her. He is not bi. What an idiot.

  • disillusioned

    Hey, Johnny Weir. You made me sweat with wonder until just the right moment came when you stood to make big money off the info about your sexuality, now I’ll make you sweat with wonder about when or whether you’re getting my eighteen bucks for the earth-moving story.

    And what happened to your principles on this issue? What about refusing to be put in a box? What about refusing to be defined by whether or not you answer gay or straight? What about how no one in this day and age should have to address such queries? Was all that just a crock to dodge the question till you stood to hit the jackpot with the answer?

  • Max the Communist

    @Devon: Just out of curiosity, do you wear the skins of slaughtered animals–not mink or sable, but the average moo cow who go into your leather shoes and belts? Do you dine vegan/vegetarian and never exploit the animals? Are you PETA?

  • LeNair Xavier

    This age of shortening terms needs to quit. What the hell is a “bisexual gay man”?

    It may seem like a mouthful, but I’ve been referring to myself as a “predominately gay bisexual” for quite some a few years, and I believe it’s way more self-explanatory that “bisexual gay man”.

    I would like to hear Johnny Weir elaborate on how he could marry a woman. For I’m at peace enough with my gay side to know that marrying a woman is not going to happen. I adore women. I admire women. But I’m sexually drawn to only a few. Therefore, the things marriage entails would not happen between me and a woman. For men however, while I have the same adoration and admiration I have for women, my sexual attraction is no where near as sporadic. So if and when gay marriage happens, I will be considering it.

  • Max the Communist

    @Max the Communist: Yes. I do think you have erroneously autoflagged me. I see nothing offensive in either one of my comments.

  • Greg

    @DR: It’s the same nonsense we got with Adam Lambert.

    You nailed it!

  • Red

    “When they do get around to confirm it, months after AI or the Olympics, it’s a blatant cash grab (I remember an interview with Lambert where he admitted he always wanted to come out in Rolling Stone).”
    Get your facts straight. Adam’s Rolling Stone interview was published only 20 days after his Idol season, as opposed to the six long years it took for Clay Aiken to come out on the cover of People. And Rolling Stone is not a tabloid gossip magazine and they don’t pay for its stories like People does. Adam was never directly asked about his sexuality during the show. Do other male contestants announce that they like girls and girls only? No. It is just an inappropriate question for people to demand to know your sexuality. Especially if you are a singer in a singing competition. Usually celebs come out when get old and don’t feel urge to achieve mainstream success or being outed by force. There is an evident lack of young openly gay artists in the US and there are hardly any gay artists on major labels in the first place. That’s because if you’re openly gay you’re not even gonna get a major label record deal, at least not in the US. A similar thing can be said about the movie industry. We don’t have any successful young openly gay movie actor because being gay is still a career disadvantage in Hollywood. If you are gay, directors are not willing to book you for straight roles. Homophobia still exists widely in the entertainment industry and most of gay celebs are still in the closet, fearing for themselves and also for their professional career. I think that the gay community should just be glad for those young celebs who are ballsy enough to be openly gay in the fist place and stop trying to put extra weight on their shoulders.

  • jasun mark

    So then… he’s a lesbian.

  • MM

    “Adam’s Rolling Stone interview was published only 20 days after his Idol season”

    Exactly, Adam waited with coming out because he didn’t want to hurt his AI chances. Just like Clay Aiken.

  • Christine

    So Weir is a bi-romantic gay male. No big deal. Have you ever heard of asexual people? There are such thing as bi-romantic asexuals, or hetero-romantic asexuals, so yeah, he could find a woman that would want to be with him. It’s funny how gay people are sometimes just as close-minded as straight people. Open your damn horizons.

  • Christine

    So Weir is a bi-romantic gay male. No big deal. Have you ever heard of asexual people? There are such thing as bi-romantic asexuals, or hetero-romantic asexuals, so yeah, he could find a woman that would want to be with him. It’s funny how gay people are sometimes just as close-minded as straight people. Open your damn horizons.

    And do you really think he waited to come out because he wanted to make money? Maybe he just wanted to be known as a professional figure skater, not a gay figure skater.

  • Clint

    FUR HAG.

  • Kitty Litter


    Please make it go awahy

  • missbaby4love

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    Can i get to know you? my name is miss. Mimunna pls if you are interested on making real friendship contact me here;([email protected]) for more details.

  • Sarah

    For such an open-minded website, the comments sure are puritanical and judgmental.

    Sex and love are separate things. Yes, they are better together, but you *can* have one without the other, and it doesn’t make it any less important or real. Personally, I would happily marry a gay man for love, companionship, stability and a family, but would expect to find sexual gratification in other ways. As long as there is honesty, trust and communication, open marriages can, in fact, work.

  • Mr. B

    Props to Johnny Weir for being able to remember who he is and who he isn’t and most especially for his not allowing others to dictate either one.

    And he is one dead-sexy man.

  • guest

    Johnny, isn’t it true that you only came up with this “marriage tweet” to meg AFTER you found out that Keri-Lynn went to the premiere of “Bad Teacher” without you? Yes, it is. Stop shading, Johnny. If meg allows you to use her for shade at, say, a book signing then she has zero self-esteem. You know you want Keri-Lynn, and you want her badly enough to use meg and behave like a complete immature jerk.

  • Booom

    Johnny Weir wouldn’t be caught dead screwing much less marrying Meg Carlozzi. That’s not it. He’s just using her and other females to get back at and try to break the heart of Keri-Lynn, a singer-songwriter. Story goes, Johnny and Keri-Lynn met at AIDS 88 benefit in NYC on May 6, 2010 and had instant chemistry with one another. People I’ve talked to said Johnny Weir and Keri-Lynn couldn’t keep their eyes off each other even from across the room at the penthouse. It was like watching Romeo and Juliet at the ball; the whole “Kissing You” thing. Johnny was glowing and so was she. But when Johnny asked Keri-Lynn if she would see (be with him?) after the event, Keri-Lynn said no. And as we all know, nobody but nobody says no to Johnny Weir. Keri-Lynn reportedly told family and friends later that she wanted to go with Johnny, but told Johnny at the time that she was tired and felt light-headed. So, instead of playing it smart and asking the lady to a late supper, Johnny reportedly sulked, swallowed his pride and his feelings and told her it was ok. He even said, “Maybe next time.” to which Keri-Lynn agreed. So all Johnny is doing is trying to save face by being photographed with Meg Carlozzi and other girls.

    If anyone wants Johnny’s head to burn or set his whole world ablaze, just get behind and fully support Keri-Lynn and her music and let’s just see what happens. She’s already gained some of Lady Gaga’s fans’ seal of approval and support!

  • BadOmanz

    @Mr. B: Not true. For some ungodly reason, Johnny is currently letting Tara, chris, meg, eva, and satya control everything and tell him what to do. He has totes lost his mojo and he is no longer his own person. He’s in chains. As a “distant” fam member, I’m very concerned.

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