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(At Last?) Johnny Weir Sneaks Out Of The Closet. But He’d Still Marry a Lady

Johnny Weir, who this week added “guest judge” to his growing C.V., is finally going to talk about “the gay thing.” As in, how he is a homosexual person, but he’s never said the words aloud, publicly, which is apparently the only way decent society is allowed to know whether a person is a homosexual or not. In his new book Welcome to My World (which is being excerpted by People), Weir draws a line in the sand, and crosses it: “With people killing themselves and being scared into the closet, I hope that even just one person can gain strength from my story.”

Welcome home, Johnny! As if you’ve ever really been far from it. “I’m not ashamed to be me,” Weir writes. “More than anyone else I know, I love my life and accept myself. What’s wrong with being unique? I am proud of everything that I am and will become.”

Weir says like many other fey kids, he was called a “faggot” in school. He also says, as you’ll see form the giant pullquote, that “in a sexual way, I’m gay. But I would marry a woman tomorrow if it struck me. I don’t think sex and relationships necessarily have to go together.” Oooh, edgy! Johnny is basically a bisexual gay man, then. New trend alert!

Now, like most memoirs, Weir’s wouldn’t be complete without an attack on the media, and those gay websites that “couldn’t figure out why I was such a jerk that I wouldn’t talk” about being a gay. Well now you are!

And you’re also talking about GAY SEX! (in the book), but only referencing your skating romance with a one “Alex.” The details of that affair, mind you, are off the record.