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At Least 3 of The 45 ‘Truth Academy’ Attendees Were Undercover Reporters

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality’s Truth Academy conference, where Peter LaBarbera invited ex-gays to come together outside Chicago and learn how to indoctrinate homosexuals into heterosexuality, was sparsely attended with “around 45 people attended the conference on any given day,” relays one blogger. “That’s including the speakers and the families of the speakers, so actual attendee numbers on any given day were lower, and some new attendees were there on Friday and Saturday. Of the people attending, a large majority were older. On the first day there were only around five people attending who looked to be under the age of 30.” Three of these people, including two writing for Friendly Atheist, paid entrance fees just to report back. And boy did they. [photo from May event, via]

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