At Least 70 U.S. Businesses Oppose DOMA. Too Bad 600 Still Support Anti-Gay Hate Groups

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Considering that over 600 American companies help raise money for anti-gay hate groups, it’s nice to see that 70 other large American businesses recently signed onto an amicus brief opposing the so-called Defense of Marriage Act in the lawsuit Gill v. Office of Personnel Management. Their opposition to the unconstitutional, anti-gay law almost makes us want to go out and purchase services from the Trillium Asset Management Corporation and the New England Cryogenic Center… or something.

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  • mike

    maybe we should look at it this way:

    approx. 94% of Fortune companies offer benefits to domestic partners of their employees.

    We’re winning this battle at an astonishing pace and just need to keep fighting the good fight.

  • mike

    Fortune 500, that is … at this rate, pretty soon the whack-a-doo’s will be boycotting every corporation in North America

  • Mike in Asheville

    Did you even bother to read the Amicus Brief? Apparently, not. The 70 companies are ones, large and medium, who signed onto the brief in the Massachusetts DOMA case. Additionally, several professional organizations, law firms, and community service organizations also signed on.

    Per a mention in the brief itself, as mike above pointed out, 94% or 470 of the Fortunes 500 companies offer domestic partner benefits to their employees.

  • Skeloric

    When corporations begin to demand DOMA repeal, how long can the Republicans continue to ignore such a demand from what is historically one of their main constituents?
    Seems that everyone except the Republican Legislators themselves have gotten the memo, even some major voices in the Republican “sidelines” are now advocating for Equal Marriage.
    Total Equal Marriage at a Federal level could be less than a decade away at this point.

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