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At Least a Smattering of the Chicago Blackhawks Will Show They Aren’t Afraid of Gay Pride

Members of both the Chicago Cubs (baseball!) and Blackhawks (hockey!) will be represented at Chicago’s Pride Parade on Sunday, ending speculation about whether the Stanley Cup-winning NHL team would support or shun its LGBT fans. Chicago Gay Hockey Association president Andrew Sobotka says at least one or two Blackhawks players will march with them, but no word on whether the Stanley Cup itself will make an appearance.

Update: It’ll be there!

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  • jason

    One or two players? Gee, how generous.

    These shit-heads accept our money and yet only one or two can show up? Tell them to fuck off.

  • FrancoisTrueFaux

    @jason: How many Lakers were at WeHo pride?

  • Tim W

    Hell it’s good to see that there will be players from the team. I wouldn’t expect the whole team there. The season is over and I’m sure many are already back in their hometowns. I sincerely doubt you will see the whole team at any other festival, parade, etc.

  • Sean

    The pride parade in Chicago is the biggest of all parades. Democratic and Republican politicans ALL show up b/c it’s such a huge event. With over half a million people on the streets it would be ridiculous not to show up (and we all know the lesbians would get excited too).

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    Good for Chicago!

  • jeffree

    I think I just clicked “thumbs up” on a post by Jason. Call that a first.

    We were in Chicago doing a little comedy at the “Just for laughs” festival and all I can say is that the audience was terrific.

    To get to Chicago, you take a train & on that train are many Amish/ Mennonite people. Best thing about them? They travel with FOOD and they *share*.

    Hope to be back in Chicago for Pride over the next weekend. Peoria is more enticing, but hey, put me in the back of a lime-green Cadillac and I can wave better than Davey Diva.

    Scout’s honor.

  • Chitown Kev

    Queerty, would put back up the GODDAMNED recent comments menu, s’il vous plait?


  • jeffree

    @Chitown Kev: Thanks for saying that about the TO-TAL-LY missing “recent comment” section. The whole Queeeerty home page is messed up, now, too.

    I have this weird premonition that this site is going to colllapse under its own weight. Kinda sad, because we DO have here the best commenters on the LGBT blogs, but they’re being chased away by trollls and technical glitches….. I will miss Queeerty when it’s gone !

  • alan brickman

    Jonathan Toews won’t be there…he said it’s against his religion….

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