At Long Last, Pregnant Man Erotica Is Here For Your Viewing Pleasure


“Oh, I can feel you moving inside of me,” the young man coos to the imaginary fetus growing inside his non-existent uterus. Minutes later, he’s in stirrups and screaming for an epidural. Meanwhile, somebody somewhere in the world is watching this all unfold and totally getting off.

Pregnant man erotica, commonly referred to as “MPREG,” is just one of the genres fetish site Film911 specializes in. The company was launched three years ago after its founder, a man by the name of Jay, says he couldn’t find any satisfying MPREG porn on the internet.

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“There was no content out there catering to what I’m into,” he tells VICE. “I own a production company, so why don’t I produce content geared toward what I’m into?”

So he posted an ad on Craigslist seeking male models, held auditions and transformed his house into a porn studio. Sort of. None of the videos depict any actual sex, nudity or orgasms, and despite catering to a primarily gay audience, many of the models are straight.

Today, Film911 offers a variety of genres in addition to MPREG, including tickling, feet and belly button worship, gut punching, and vore, short for vorarephilia, or the desire to be eaten. There’s also stuffing, where guys cram their faces with pizza then belch loudly while showing off their engorged bellies, and CPR, where they pretend to die and need to be resuscitated with defibrillators. And, of course, inflating, where men pump their stomaches full of air with bike pumps and other devices.

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“I had never heard of these things before, but when people told me what they were into, I was like, ‘Wow that’s different,'” Jay says. “There are certain people who tell me their ideas and send me their scripts and feedback all the time. I’m very connected to them and they’ve driven the business in the right direction.”

Next up on Jay’s agenda is amputee fetish films. He explains that one of his models recently lost a leg in a motorcycle accident so they’re going to produce a few films and “see how it goes.”

Check out a the trailer for one of Film911’s MPREG films below…