the shot

At Lou Engle’s The Call, God Is On Speed Dial

THE SHOT — Lou Engle dialed, Mike Huckabee answered, and Tony Perkins left a message in Sacramento at The Call, the annual conservative Christianfest, which this year was devoted to railing against Prop 8. Says Perkins: “If (the ruling) stands, in one generation we will have gone from banning the Bible in public schools to banning religious beliefs in society.” The guy above is having a moment. [via]

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  • pete

    “What fools these mortals be.”

  • Molly

    “…to banning religious beliefs in society.”

    What are they even talking about?

  • B

    At the risk of being a bit crude, the guy in the picture who is “having a moment” has an expression on his face that makes him look like he is about to need a napkin to wipe off some “precious bodily fluids”.

  • pete

    @B: That’s why the picture doesn’t show below his waist. And hands-free!

  • kiaba360

    When churches are banned, then Christians will have something legitimate to complain about. Gay marriage will not cause the world to turn upside down. I wish they could get over their bullshit already.

  • B

    @Pete, “@B: That’s why the picture doesn’t show below his waist. And hands-free!”

    … and “hands-free” puts a new light on what Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Plan on another “divine smite”, from a wisecrack-hating angry God, that will miss the west coast where I live and land somewhere off the other coast as hurricane season progresses).

  • Ogre Magi

    I am so sick of christians!

  • Andrew

    As posted on Joe.My.God today – seems quite appropriate….

    Thought for the day ‘ Religion is like a penis – it’s fine to have one, it’s fine to be proud of it BUT please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around AND please don’t try to shove it down my children’s throats!

  • Sondy

    How can The Call even take place? Didn’t the
    federal hate crimes bill outlaw all opposition to the gay agenda? Why aren’t Obama’s FBI agents arresting these Christians?

    It goes to show how sheep-like these people are hat they don’t for once stop to consider whether last year’s scaremongering
    held up even as they move on to new doom and gloom.

  • KC

    I have so little hope for humans. Little more than cattle. Sigh.


    . Says Perkins: “If (the ruling) stands, in one generation we will have gone from banning the Bible in public schools to banning religious beliefs in society.”

    OMG! Perkins finally opened his vile mouth and something spewed out that I really, really have a desire to happen! We are slowly beginning to attain the society the founders of this country desired with original intent. The very concrete notion of the absolute separation of church and state, which you and your rhetoric spewing dogmatic bigoted scum have attempetd to disolve for decades…………

  • Dan

    Working on the Sabbath is punishable by death, no exceptions (Exodus 35:10) yet you never see these so-called “Christians” calling for congregations to stop paying their religious leaders – what pathetic hypocrites, and Jesus said hypocrites and pharisees will never enter Heaven!

  • Cassandra

    “I am so sick of christians!” says Ogre Magi
    “I am so sick of homosexuals” says the homophobe.

  • Jonathan

    Lou Engle was one of the proponents of the Uganda death penalty for gays bill and further called for people to martyr themselves to stop gay marriage. (i.e. kill people, presumably gay people)

    How much longer before Lou ends up indicted for Kiddie fucking and headlines “This Week in Holy Crimes”.

    There are many good Christians – Lou Engle and Mike Huckabee are not good Christians.

  • Blake C.

    This is why gays need to be LOUD!

    This is why gays need to be PROUD!

    This is why gays need to come OUT!

    This is why gays need to speak OUT!

    Be proud to be gay. Others certainly are talking about you, it’s time we talk about ourselves and show that they will NOT and can not intimidate us with their false, fairy land, ridiculous (UNPROVEN) religious ideology that is nothing but hate on text.

    Water in to wine? Virgin in to pregnant? planet fabricated in how many days? That is logic but two loving adults in harmony is not?

    Religion: your days are numbered (and should have been centuries ago.)

  • IonMusic

    @Jonathan: Who are these so called “many godo Christians”….who? where? In fact, there are far less decent religious people than there are not. I’m sick of having to give a free pass to religious people simply because speaking out against religion is taboo in societal terms, when these religious people are voting against our rights, speaking ill toward us every single day in their Churches, gay bashing, promoting hate speech all in the name of a religion. So WHAT if all of them are not doing it. To be part of the institution is to advocate it’s message, and yes, a good chunk of hate notably toward my community has stemmed from religion. Why should gays constantly turn the other cheek and give them the benefit of the doubt?
    Do you think we’d be given the benefit of the doubt if we held signs outside of Churches reading “Burn in hell”, picketed Christians funerals, voted to eliminate ALL Churches across the union, voted to disable a Christian wife from seeing her Christian husband at his death bed in a hospital? Do you know what would be said about us then? Why can’t same be said about religious militants? because they are holy human beings?

    Open your eyes, gays. Religious folks are the biggest thorn on our sides and until you tackle that and stop being Mr. Nice guy, you won’t see facts for what they are.

  • Cassandra

    Hi my name is Cassandra and I am a dumb cunt!

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    Society will always need an underclass. When not appointed by popular culture it will always be identified by religion in some way or form.
    Racial profiling and stereotyping is no longer in “vogue,” so all that is left are behavioral differences.

  • No. Fifteen proves that atheism is immoral

    Blake C says “Religion: your days are numbered (and should have been centuries ago.”

    Martin Ssempa says “Homosexuals, your days are numbered and should have been centuries ago.”

    It is terrible the ways the chants and cheers of atheists mirror so closely those of homophobes.

    Prejudice is prejudice, no matter who is targeted.

  • McMike

    Who’s banning religious beliefs??? This is America where one’s religious beliefs isn’t suppose to interfere with another’s civil rights.

    Looking at that picture the whole ‘hands up’ is reminding me of the Nazi salute for some reason.

  • McMike

    @No. Fifteen proves that atheism is immoral: You honestly can’t see the difference in the statements? Hmmmm, let’s see… One is saying, basically, homosexuals should be put into a gas chamber and the other is saying using God to enforce your bigoted views on others needs to stop.

    There are many, many Atheists who display more Christ-like qualities then most Fundamentalists.

  • Cassandra

    Ogre Magi – your posts prove you need religion.


    There is no difference in the statements, and honest people recognize that. I’m sorry if you do not.

    Both statements require coercion and suppression to be carried out, and frankly, the Stasi showed the world that repressing religion could be just as violent and bloody as any other form of oppression.

    Since religion is intrinsic to human beings, to make Blake’s threat a reality would require destroying most of humanity, and oppressing the rest. The reality is that while homophobes, in their evil, hate and wish to oppress 10% of humanity, atheists hate and would oppress 99% of humanity.

    “There are many, many Atheists who display more Christ-like qualities then most Fundamentalists.”

    If so, not a one of them ever posts on the internet, particularly here at Queerty, nor do they write in to newspapers, write books, or appear on tv.

    But to be accurate, it is not possible for any atheist to be Christ-like, even a little. The defining quality of Christ is his relationship with God, and so, people who deny the very existence of God cannot, by definition, by Christ-like. Not even a little.

    And frankly, none of the atheists here have even demonstrated the ability to be civil. All are identical in behavior and malice to homophobes. The only difference is in who each group targets for their prejudice and hunger to oppress and destroy.

    Of course, it takes a functional ethical/moral code, something atheism doesn’t provide and essentially hinders, to recognize that fact.

    “Looking at that picture the whole ‘hands up’ is reminding me of the Nazi salute for some reason.”

    Homophobes like to compare GLBTQ people to the Nazi’s as well. Neither homophobes or atheists seem to be very good at accuracy or honesty.

  • Ogre Magi

    Cassandra, why don’t you find something else to occupy your time with, like a vibrator!I bet it would really improve your attitude

  • B

    It’s interesting that out of the first 7 comments, 3 got exactly 5 “thumbs down”, two of mine (wisecracks about the guy with his hands stretched out, looking like he was having an orgasm, in QUEERTY’s picture) and another that said, “I am so sick of christians!”

    Conjecture: fundamentalist Christians are trying to use QUEERTY’s rating system to suppress comments they don’t like.

  • Chris

    Cassandra, I have always been civil and have even defended you and your beliefs on several occasions to the other posters here on queerty.

    I’d like to think of myself as open-minded, and as I was raised a Southern Baptist, I know a thing or too about Christianity.

    That said, I made a rational conscious decision to abandon my beliefs. I am an agnostic, not an anti-theist. You seem to confuse atheism (and agnosticism) and anti-theism. I am not against others who believe in a God (or multiple gods), nor am I against the concept of a God either. I, however, question the concept that a supreme being exists. It is simply unknowable, by the use of the senses. Because of this, I refuse to choose a belief for or against a deity.

    And I think you are being a little bit over-the-top in saying no atheist can be Christ-like. Playing semantics is childish. Christ preached peace, love, and acceptance, tenets that are not limited to Christians or even theists.
    If you really wanted to play your semantics game, no one at all could be Christ-like, since his “relationship with God” was that he was God incarnate. I don’t know of anyone else like this, so that excludes everyone in the world from being Christ-like.

    I agree that there is hate speech lobbed here against Christians, and especially against Muslims, but in this day and age, it’s hard to separate religious stricture, social conservatism, and blatant discrimination (a la Tea Party and Glenn Beck et al).

  • adman

    Those fundamentalists must have out a blender in Cassandras brain and scrambled things up for good. The ethics and morality described in the bible are contradictory, self serving and result in a vain and totalitarian mindset. That’s because the scriptures were muttered by a marginalized people who misunderstood the ethical and moral debates of the day, and they therefore have “given” us the most crude attempt to author them as their own lore. These codes, and cerebral exercises, are the product of many cultures present in the same place and time, they are ideas which were in wide circulation in the most public of ways at the time, and in times and cultures previous. See if you’ll EVER hear that truth uttered by any so-called “Christian”. They believe remaining ignorant of these simple facts is virtuous. Willful and deliberate ignorance, at it’s epitome. Now a Rabbi or two, they might spill the beans, but not without a fight. I mean at least for him, it IS his lore, just a biased version, as is what his culture allowed at the time. (as per Rabbinical laws’ dictates.) Nothing’s perfect love, nothing.

    See: Socrates, Democritus, Epicurus, et al, ad infinitum, blah blah, I know you won’t google. You’re afraid, and alone. And sticking up for bigots. PATHETIC.

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