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At Private Reception, Barack Obama Gets America’s Queers to Laugh + Applaud (At All the Rights They Don’t Have)

Barack Obama‘s little get together for America’s queers is all wrapped up! Chely Wright and Constance McMillen and some activists were there. Obama said “fierce” (referring to Reps. Tammy Baldwin and Jared Polis, of which there are no “fiercer warriors.” And he brought up Janice Langbehn, who saw her long-time partner die at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida because they denied her visitation rights. What Obama didn’t mentiona about Ms. Lengbehn?

“[H]ow Langbehn, who has Multiple Sclerosis, is now in very dire financial trouble because [deceased partner Lisa] Pond was her caregiver and contributed heavily to the two-income family,” relays Karen Ocamb. “Additionally, the Defense of Marriage Act, which candidate Obama promised to repeal, prohibits Langbehn from accessing Pond’s Social Security and other benefits that would help her family.”

So Happy LGBT Pride Month, from a president whose Justice Department continues defending DOMA and DADT.

“Now, look,” the president told his audience. “The fact that we’ve got activists here is important because it’s a reminder that change never comes — or at least never begins in Washington. It begins with acts of compassion -– and sometimes defiance -– across America. It begins when ordinary people –- out of love for a mother or a father, son or daughter, or husband or wife -– speak out against injustices that have been accepted for too long. And it begins when these impositions of conscience start opening hearts that had been closed, and when we finally see each other’s humanity, whatever our differences.”

And do shit about it.

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  • M

    I really really really hate Queerty

  • concernedcitizen

    Queerty…. STFU!

  • concernedcitizen

    The ten year struggle by Judy Shephard for legislative justice that President helped usher in gets no attention on Queerty only the negatives… TEN YEARS QUEERTY, TEN YEARS!!!! Quit excoriated the president for his shortcomings and laud him for what has been accomplished!

  • jason

    This is further evidence that Gay Inc has isolated itself from the concerns of ordinary GLBT people in America. Gay Inc loves the glittering lights, the expensive meals, the chance to meet with “the one” etc etc etc. Yet, out here on main street, GLBT people are still being bashed, discriminated against, and institutionally destroyed through policies such as DADT.

    Gay Inc can go and vote for Obama if it wishes. Meanwhile, we ordinary gays will vote against him. We will vote against every single Democratic Party candidate in the upcoming Congressional elections.

  • Jon

    Lets be real here. This is about as good as its going to get. No Presidential candidate will gives us everything we need because they won’t get elected. Obama has done more than anyone else and maybe its not everything we need but I’ll take it.

  • jason


    If you enjoy being lied to, go right ahead and vote for Obama.

  • robco

    It is time to make Pride political again. We need some large protests around the country, especially in DC. We need to hold politicians accountable and make them realize that a few crumbs isn’t going to be enough to keep campaign contributions flowing.

    But it’s correct that Obama can’t do these things. He is bound to defend current law, even if he disagrees with it. Efforts need to be focused more on Congress and getting better candidates elected there. I do agree however that we shouldn’t be friends to politicians, we should be a nagging pain. Instead of embracing heads of LGBT organizations, they should dread it because they know they’re going to get an earful. Having cake and coffee with them isn’t going to get the job done.

  • Jon

    And the alternative to him is what exactly? Palin? Huckabee? There won’t be a progressive challenger so we are screwed either way, but I much rather have him to what else is out there.

  • M


    Vote against every Democratic candidate? You are completely delusional. I’ll just assume you’re joking or have a mental illness..gay ‘republican’ etc. First of all, voting for someone based soley on their political party is idiotic. You vote for who is most qualified. Second of all, without the Democrats, who would back us? The Republicans? Dream on and crawl back under your bridge!

  • sss

    The only way one could come to this particular conclusion is to not listen to his speech AT ALL…He gave a laundry-list of benefits and changes that his administration put in place. Plus, he even had those folks there at all is saying that he’s in our corner. We have the most pro-gay President in the history of this nation…Poking fun at him and the hard working activists that were there is deaf-eared at best.

  • jason

    I’m absolutely not joking. There comes a time in history where a rights movement such as ours needs to punish those who pretend. The Democrats have pretended to be our friends for so long. It’s time to punish them.

    As for this notion that Obama’s hands are tied, well cry me a river. This liar in the Oval Office promised he would get rid of DADT, period. He didn’t say there were conditions attached to his promise. His unconditional promise was designed to get us to vote for him.

    Now that he’s put all these conditions on the repeal of DADT, such as this phony review, there’s basically no chance that it will be repealed.

    Suckers, the lot of you.

  • Jon

    @jason Again I ask you. Who is the alternative to Obama?

  • Soakman

    There was always Hillary. :D

  • Troy Boy

    I think what the President is doing is genius. He knows that no one can make sweeping changes by just demanding it so. Instead, he is slowing chipping away at things a little at a time. He is counting on the snowball effect and he is smart to do so. I would love to have full equal rights yesterday just like everyone else. Patience is difficult regarding this matter.
    However, the alternatives to President Obama are atrocious. You would never hear a right-winger say any of the things Obama just said; especially less than five months before a mid-term election. This may be slow progress but I’ll take it!

  • timncguy

    @robco: you are incorrect in your assertion that Obama must defend all laws via his DOJ. That’s simply NOT TRUE. EVERY former president back as far as Regan has had their DOJ not defend laws that they felt were unconstitutional.

    And, in fact, President Obama has instructed his own Homeland Security Department to IGNORE current immigration law that calls for the deportation of a non-citizen immigrant whose citizen spouse dies while waiting for congress to change the law.

    Obama has also instructed his administration to ignore a legal order from a federal judge demanding that the administration give health benefits to the legal same-sex partner of a federal judicial employee. Obama chose not to address this in court. Just to ignore the court order.

    So, it is quite clear that Obama doesn’t believe he has to comply with the laws of the land or official court orders.

    Obama expended no political capital and no effort at all for the Hate Crimes legislation. That legislation has passed congress before under GW Bush. The only thing Obama did was to not veto it.

    All the other “accomplishments” this administration is touting have been done without congressional legislation and via executive branch authority. While those have been good, none of them is permanent. Every one of them can be undone by the next administration using the same power that Obama used to put them in place.

    Time will tell whether Obama is being honest about DADT and ENDA. We will see once the defense dept report comes out in early December whether Obama actually signs off on final repeal and gets both Gates and Mullen to do the same. And, even if they do that, let’s wait and see what the plan is for actually implementing open service. The longest it has taken any other country to implement was four months. Then let’s also see what their definition of open service is. Will they decide that open service requires “segregated” facilities for gays? Will there have to be “gay” barracks and “gay” showers so that no one sees a straight man’s penis and makes him uncomfortable?

    On ENDA, Obama made the claim that he has been pushing for ENDA in congress. I have seen no concrete evidence of that at all. If any of you have that evidence, please supply it. But, the only reports I have seen come out of congress on BOTH ENDA and DADT is that the President has been providing NO LEADERSHIP at all in trying to get these through congress.


    Well well, it seems all the constant O bashing has finally had the effect of turning the crowd into a pro Obama crowd. Am I thrilled with the pace of reform? No! BUT, I do get that he’s chip chip chipping away at all the bullshit from different angles and I think he’s making hella progress.

  • wannabegay2

    people! just wait til he gets reelected! its gonna be the gay term! he needs another 4 yrs in the WH, so he’ll not be very aggressive, but just wait…

  • Dennis

    There IS no alternative to Obama that would be any better, just delusional bitching, moaning and complaining that gay issues don’t take precedence over every single other issue the POTUS has to deal with, blah blah blah bitch bitch bitch…

    “WHY does he hate us so much?! Like he has anything else on his plate more important than MY rights, OMG right?! Why can’t he wave a magic wand and accomplish everything I want, no matter the opposition…He’s like, the President, so doesn’t that mean he can solve all our problems before lunch, I mean, right?! I have PARTIES to go to damnit, and a workout to squeeze in, and tanning, and picking out my outfit, and and and…it’s fucking Gay Pride month, and all we get is some stupid proclamation and stuff, what a homophobe! (I mean, he IS black you know…)

    I don’t have TIME for, like, activism, or any of that crap. Discrimination is like, so lame and stuff, why can’t he just DROP all that other shit he supposedly has to deal with, and get to what matters to me?! Who cares about fucking oil spills and shit? I’ll just go to Provincetown this summer, and not near the Gulf. God, if Hillary had won, none of this stuff would have happened.

    Have I contacted my local elected Senator and House Representative about voting in favor for gay rights? Hell no, like, who has time for that?! Just DO IT ALREADY Obama, you suck so bad…I totally want my rights now…NOW I said, you fucking homophobe!”

  • L.

    @jason: “We will vote against every single Democratic Party candidate in the upcoming Congressional elections”?

    That was a Royal “we” then.

  • Tim W

    Boy the kool aid drinkers are out in force. Let’s look at our fierce advocate. He promised to repeal DADT. Instead we have a watered down repeal that needs Gates and Mullen to sign off on. So you just watch Gates will refuse to sign off on it citing concerns of retention. But you all just gobble it up. In the meantime our brave GLB soldiers will continue to get discharged.
    ENDA and DOMA? Let’s see. We have a party with an ironclad majority in Congress that you keep telling us to vote for and guess what nothing is happening with either. Isn’t the president the de facto leader of the Democratic Party. Why is he spending NO POLITICAL CAPITAL to get these things repealed. Making nice speeches about passing ENDA and repealing DOMA doesn’t make it so. Doing the work does which this president has shown no desire too and anyone who thinks he has is delusional.
    Plus have a Justice Department who defends DOMA by invoking incest in their arguments. And on top of it is fighting a law suit brought to repeal DADT with the lame well we are working on it and will eventually get around to repealing it. Outrageous.

  • Lanjier

    No one has been a more vociferous critic of Obama and the Democrats for keeping DADT and DOMA on the books. But right now we need to to rally around Obama and the Democrats to assure that they keep their majorities in both houses of Congress.

    But believe me, if the administration had not taken the actions it has taken — only really in the last sixty days — for our equality, I would have believed that the smart think to do was to bring them down to size by not supporting them in the midterms. In that scenario, it would have would been because we were clearly used as a political voting tool only, and we would have had to make our voices heard with a vote of no confidence.

    But really, Obama has stepped it up for us, and we need to return the favor by putting the Democrats back in power.

    Talk them up, volunteer, go after the tea party crazies. VOTE DEMOCRATIC in the next election.

    There will be a time to amp it up again — if they win the midterms. If they lose a house of Congress — game over.

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)


    Vote third party or don’t vote at all. There are your alternatives, because as long as we continue to allow the Democrats to treat us like this, there’s absolutely NO incentive for them to actually work on our behalf. That goes for Obama and Congress. What a farce this thing sounded like, and you are buying it hook, line, and sinker.


    Once again I am agreeing with you. What a farce this administration has been. “Fierce advocacy” my ass. Methinks the good General got it right in a recent Rolling Stone article; our CIC is scared of his own damn shadow.

  • Qjersey

    our president is not a dictator. Whether its our rights or anything else, it’s the House and Senate that passes laws. We need to focus locally on getting GLBT friendly reps elected. The President could scream from the rafters for our rights and congress would just sit there.

  • Jimmy

    I really really really hate Queerty too. Who writes these snotty posts?

  • Argos

    I’m honestly not ‘overjoyed’ at what Obama has done for us, but I do feel that he is sincere in his assertions that the LGBT community deserves to live their lives free of discrimination, and we all deserve to be treated as equal citizens. As some have mentioned, he is not a dictator, and he cannot force congress to take action. Incremental steps are most certainly better than what we would have gotten if McCain/Palin were elected. I can understand that nobody wants to wait to be treated equally, I sure as hell don’t, but we really don’t have a viable alternative.

    There are many Democrats that support our community wholeheartedly, and there are those that look at us as being completely repugnant (like pretty much the entire Republican party does). Boycotting the Democrats isn’t going to hurt them nearly as much as some in the gay community think, and voting for the Independant (no matter how well-intentioned they may be) is quite literally a wasted vote in the vast majority of elections.

    One thing, about ‘Gay Inc.’ Groups like the HRC, while I’ll admit, are almost completely useless for lobbying (most) lawmakers, have proven to be invaluable to the gay community in terms of getting businesses to enact anti-discrimination policies. They do indeed waste alot of money on their glamorous parties, but they do alot of GOOD work too. They are big enough to where corporations, and even small businesses not only acknowledge them, but are willing to cooperate with them in terms of treating their employees fairly. Very few companies really want to be seen as the bigoted company that openly discriminates against certain employees (except companies like Exxon, fuck you btw).

    Things are changing, albeit more slowly that most of us appreciate, but they ARE changing. Groups like NOM and the FRC are viewed by a sizeable portion of our country (gay and straight alike) as being obsessive, nosy, holier-than-thou assholes. And the tide continues to turn in our favor, because the LGBT community isn’t ever going to back down. We are certainly in a better situation now than we were even 10 years ago. 10% of our country allows for SSM, and that number will continue to increase.

    So, I guess to sum it up, I’m happy to see that Obama is doing at least SOMETHING for us, is willing to at least TALK about repealing DOMA & DADT (not many Democrats would be as willing to do so in his position as a first term president), and I’m happy that we have as many supporters as we do in this country. I’d like to see it close to 100%, but that’s going to take quite a few years (for the diehard bigots to grow old and die). The newer generations are our best hope.

  • Paschal

    @jason: That’s not a good idea. It’s important to keep pushinf for the rights of lgbt people but voting out Democrats and therefore replacing them with Republicans won’t help. There are some pro-gay Republicans but not many are elected to Congress. The Republican Party is far more right-wing than many centre-right parties in Europe. Anyone who is a moderate conservative would either have to vote for a Democrat or a moderate Republican.parties

  • tjr101


    Jason IS a right-winger which is why he advocates the voting out of all Democrats.

  • the crustybastard

    He’s a lawyer, but:

    1. he won’t use the word “unconstitutional” to define anti-gay laws even though neither the Constitution and the Fourteenth Amendment exclude gay people.

    2. he continues to litigate on BEHALF of such laws that egregiously discriminate against gays, arguing that the laws are rational and advance a legitimate purpose.

    I don’t care what he says. I care what he does. He can take his pretty speeches, roll ’em up and shove them up his ass sideways.

  • Chitown Kev

    @the crustybastard:

    But depending on the circumstances, discrimination CAN be constitutional (just because something isn’t right morally doen’t mean that it can’t be legally correct).

    I am not sure that a federal court has argued for any level of scrutiny higher than a “rational basis with bite” scrutiny that SCOTUS used in arguing Romer v. Evans (now that may be about to happen in the Boies/Olson case regarding Prop 8).

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    @Chitown Kev:

    Kev, it’s more than that, and you and I both know it.

    Legally, he is not obligated to defend DOMA in court. His administration did, and in a vile manner.

    Legally, he is not required to defend DADT in court. His administration did, and in a vile manner.

    Legally he could have at ordered a moratorium on discharges while this DADT debacle is going on. He refuses, and punted the ball everywhere else so he can engage in fingerpointing later on.

    His public support for civil unions and not full marriage equality is well-known.

    The inaugural debacle.

    Really, fierce advocate? I don’t think so. The only thing this administration responds to is threats of withholding money and votes. That’s not fierce advocacy.

  • Mark

    President Obama is against the civil rights of Gay citizens to marry for religious reasons. He is on the wrong side of history. He is in favor of us having to wait and fight for each and every one of our rights ie: gym memberships etc… That’s a stunning lack of leadership and courage. A lousy strategy.

  • ewe

    I say Obama is on the down low. Seriously. He does not get to define himself. We do.

  • Bill Perdue

    I hope they passed out some more of those yummy Easter Eggs because that’s all we’re going to get out of this grotesque charade.

    A Republican will call you a queer, faggot, dyke or tranny to your face and then sneer.

    A Democrat, on the other hand, will wait until you leave the room, sneer and then call you a queer, faggot, dyke or tranny to your face.

    Vote against the Democrats on Tuesday, November 2nd. Or just don’t vote.

    Vote against the Republicans on Tuesday, November 2nd. Or just don’t vote.


  • Bill Perdue

    The whole country is turning against Obama, and incumbents, whether Democrat or Republican.

    A new (June 24th, 2010) Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds Americans “are more pessimistic about the state of the country and less confident in President Obama’s leadership than at any point since Mr. Obama entered the White House.”

    Key finding: “62% feel the country is on the wrong track, the highest level since before the 2008 election. Just one-third think the economy will get better over the next year, a 7-point drop from a month ago and the low point of Mr. Obama’s tenure.”

    Americans give President Obama a 44% approval rating on his handling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, up slightly from 40% in early June. Meanwhile, 16% of Americans approve of BP’s handling of the spill. (June 21st, 2010, Gallup.com)

    Obots, can you spell K A T R I N A, squared?

    Obama’s wars, from Palestine to Pakistan grow less popular every day.

    Incumbents of both parties are in trouble simply because they’re incumbents.

    It’s only among the Democrat and Obama cliques at Queerty that we see loyal to the end Obots.

    Make those bunkers strong, you’re goona need ’em in the fall.

  • Markie-Mark

    @jason: Jason, I’m with you. I am voting Green from now on. I won’t vote for democrats any more. These fools are throwing their votes away.

    If they love Oilbama so much why do they bother to come to this site?

  • Markie-Mark

    @L.: I’m with Jason. No democrats or republicans (same difference) for me.

  • concernedcitizen

    Chitown Kev,
    Thank you, your comment and intelligence in legal ideology is refreshing. The problem with most people’s understanding of the constitution is as you correctly stated when people like it, it’s constitutional and when they don’t it must be unconstitutional. This is not nor has never been what the constitution is about.
    The constitution simply sets a basic framework for the rules of governance and basic bill of rights that shall not be abridged to the people. The rest is up to us to make sure that laws that are deleterious to our rights DO NOT GET PASSED!!!!

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