Atlanta Braves’ Roger McDowell Is Sorry About That Whole Anal Sex Baseball Bat Thing

Late last month Atlanta Braves pitching coach confronted some male fans at a Giants game in San Francisco and allegedly asked them, “Are you a homo couple or a threesome? Are you three giving it to each other in the ass?” He then helpfully demonstrated what exactly he meant by making a ring with his thumb and forefinger and inserting a bat as two explain what two men do when they love each other. Well, he’s sorry about all that, especially since Gloria Allred publicly humiliated this by demonstrating the same “bat butt” maneuver in front of a TV audience (and for some reason it looked a lot creepier when she did it, probably because she wasn’t smiling). It’s not everyday that you see a man unequivocally apologize for acting like a turd, so please enjoy and consider just how big a step this is in a world where anti-gay slurs were once considered “part of the game.”

Of course earlier this week we thanked McDowell and his ilk for their homophobic remarks. If it weren’t for him simulating anal sex in front of two 9-year-olds we wouldn’t even be discussing homophobia in major league baseball. That makes the hockey, baseball, and basketball leagues all tackling homophobia in one month—triple play, three pointer, hat trick!