Atlanta Citizen Review Board Wants Eagle Raid Cops Punished, However Unlikely That Is

Atlanta’s Citizen Review Board said steps should be taken, or whatever, against the 24 city cops who last year raided the Atlanta Eagle, the gay bar where patrons were forced to the ground while the fuzz searched for … drugs, was it? And while the board held off on recommending exact sentencing, the maximum punishment under Atlanta Police Department rules allows for a three-day suspension, which is too lenient, they all nodded their heads to declare. Oh, also worth mentioning? The board’s conclusions are non-binding, and APD has never acted based on the board’s findings. So yeah, great use of time everyone!

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  • TommyOC

    I sometimes wonder if the writers of Queerty shouldn’t go on an extended holiday in an effort to soften the jaded edges they show all too often. They definitely need to leave behind the one-track, tunnel-vision mindset they’ve been employing lately.

    Regarding this article, sometimes you go through the motions to put things on record. The Atlanta’s CRB findings may not be enforceable in and of themselves, but it may prove to be a valuable tool when this matter is escalated to the next level.

    Consider this finding to be CRB doing their part to protest APD’s actions. And just like any protest, it only has strength when there are a sufficient number of voices.

    Unless, of course, you don’t believe in the power of protests. In which case, kindly lay off your bloodlust for Target Corp.

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