Atlanta Cops Raided The Eagle Because Men Were Allegedly Getting Their Freak On?


It wasn’t drugs that led Atlanta police to raid The Eagle — but public sexing! On two previous occasions, plainclothes cops witnessed patrons of the leather bar having sex with each other, they’ll have you believe. So they ransacked the place, forced everyone to the disgusting floor, and called them faggots while searching ’em.

Even though the original complaints were about drug use at The Eagle, APD now says they were responding to their own investigators’ eye witness accounts of dudes getting it on with other dudes there. This required a raid with nine undercover and 12 uniformed police to conduct “illegal searches” of the 62 patrons. Of course, no drugs were found on anyone, and it doesn’t sound like they caught anyone in flagrante. The bar remains open; the eight employees arrested have pleaded not guilty.

And now comes the shitstorm: Local politicos are calling for an investigation: “State Sen. Kasim Reed and city countil president Lisa Borders, have called for an investigation of the incident. City councilwoman Mary Norwood questioned whether this was the best use of police resources. Jesse Spikes, an attorney, said harassing people and treating them unfairly is not something the APD should be doing.”

Does this mean the cops didn’t witness some homoerotics on previous visits? Maybe they did. We’ve been to plenty of bars where dancers in underwear get groped for tips. Does this count as “men having sex while other patrons watched”? Is that the type of “illegal activity” that required twenty-one of Atlanta’s finest to raid a gay bar, hold patrons hostage for hours while searching them and conducting background checks, just because they were all at the same gay bar? Absolutely not. And the police would be wise to get their story straight: Was it drugs that led them there? Or sex? Because during the hours-long raid, they didn’t find either.

Throw in a paddy-wagon, and we’re dealing with a southern-style Stonewall.