Atlanta Legislator Rashad Taylor Victim Of Gay-Baiting Flyer Campaign

With one week to go before Georgians head to the primary polls, it’s worth noting that one race in District 57 is one of the most gay-friendly in the nation with two pro-LGBT candidates running for the state House of Representatives.

Pat Gardner, who is straight, has represented the district for eleven years and has been endorsed by the Atlanta Stonewall Democrats. Rashad Taylor, who is openly gay and previously represented the 55th District, has been endorsed by the Victory Fund.

Story over, right? Not exactly.

This being U.S. politics, it just wouldn’t be an election without a little character assassination: Turns out Taylor has accused Gardner’s camp of sticking an anti-gay flyer in the mailboxes of voters in the southwestern part of the district.

The flyer (at right) accuses Rashad of misusing his position to solicit sexual favors, living with disgraced school-board chairman Khaatim El, and—gasp—possibly shacking up with a boyfriend. (Rashad originally came out last May when an email making similar claims surfaced.)

Gardner has denied the tactic and Rashad has called the allegations in the flyer “totally false.”