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Atlanta Mayor’s Biggest Problem With Eagle Bar Raid? Suing For Justice Is Too Expensive

My goodness, this federal lawsuit over the Stonewall-style raid of Atlanta’s Eagle bar is gettin’ big! We can barely follow all the new developments (lots of new defendants added, with the total now at 28), but with subpoenas in hand the Atlanta Citizen Review Board has been forcing officers to testify about what went down that night. But now the lawsuit is becoming political: Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is bashing the legal effort, saying taking the police department to court (many of the officers are being sued as individuals) is just the worst thing to do right now because … Atlanta has so many budget problems.

And it’s like, maybe that should have been a concern when the police decided to budget a raid in the first place?

“Asking for unlimited punitive damages at a time when the city is facing considerable budget challenges,” says Reed in a statement. “As the chief financial steward of this city, I have to take that threat very seriously.” Also worth taking seriously: A person’s right not to be ordered to the ground, handcuffed, and forced to lay in broken glass.