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  • Qjersey

    The is snark and then there is Queerty, what an asshole headline.

    The raid was in Atlanta bitch, not a midtown NYC gay lounge.

  • terrwill

    QJERSEY: First day with your new eyeballs??? Where do you see NYC in the headline????

  • AWoo

    Terr – He’s saying that no one would have moisturized faces in Atlanta.. lolz

  • Peter

    Exactly. There’s enoiugh humidity there year round that they are naturally moisturized…

    And yes, it is an asshole headline that only shows how foul David is….

  • Wes B

    How would you like to be slammed to the floor by a police officer in Atlanta when you have done nothing wrong. Maybe you can see what it feels like to have your “moisturized” face ground into the floor by a pair of boots. The Eagle isn’t catered to the crowd with which you seem to be so familiar.

  • WPM

    Disgusting title. No wonder the world hates us when we hate on each other constantly!

  • pawsum

    Horrendously inappropriate headline for this piece. The Eagle raid was not a joke or something to be made light of, especially for those directly involved who are still having to appear in court to fight those bogus charges. Please try to show just a bit of sensitivity next time.

  • schlukitz

    I’m looking for NYC in the headline as well.

    The only mistake that I see, is the misspelling of Atlanta, as in the City of. ;)

  • Oh Wow

    When did Christian fag bashers take over the management of this website?

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