Watch: Atlanta's Royals' Amazing Cover of 'Human' by Christina Perri

“Human” Performed by Atlanta’s Royals

Evah Destruction, Evelyn Caldwell and Aria B. Cassadine are three Atlanta based drag superstars. In 2013, all three were crowned Miss Atlanta Rising Diva, Miss Atlanta Grand Diva and Miss Atlanta Showgirl, respectively. On a whim, the group decided to get together and record a cover of “Royals” by Lorde. After several live performances of the hit song, the demand for an accompanying music video became evident. The girls enlisted Balloon Skull & Vance Chucci Productions to make sure the demand of the fans was met.

Atlanta Royal's “Human” by Christina Perri Cover Featured Image

After releasing their very first music video, the girls were bit by the music bug and ran back to the studio to record their newest project; a cover of the hit song “Human” by Christina Perri. The Royals chose the weekend of Stonewall to release the video in commemoration of the progress the LGBT community has made in the last 40 years. Group member, and Miss Atlanta Grand Diva, Evelyn Caldwell had this to say: “To me, Stonewall was the turning point in LGBTQ history, when we all stopped, and said, ” You know what? No. We aren’t going to take this anymore. Who are you all to tell us what we can do behind closed doors?” I don’t think many members of the LGBTQ community nowadays really stop to think about, and be grateful for the trailblazers who paved the way for us to be able to live openly and be who we are. I think we as the gay community should look back at this pivotal moment in our history and realize what we can accomplish if we stand together with our brothers and sisters. We have all the tools we need within us, all we need to do is fight”.

The buzz for the new video is building significantly, and the girls have already hit the studio for work on their third project, an updated remake of a gay dance staple! With their glamorous outfits, unique styles and amazing voices, Atlanta is buzzing with anticipation for the new video, and has already garnered attention from fans and critics alike:

“What do you get when you mix go-to cover song “Royals” with gay Atlanta drag favorites Evah Destruction, Evelyn H. Caldwell and Aria B. Cassadine? It’s a music video that’s not to be missed.” – Mike Fleming, Project Q Atlanta