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Atlanta’s Dead Gays Can Rest In Segregated Cemetery For Eternity

The new owners of Crest Lawn Memorial Park in downtown Atlanta are going to section off a grassy area for gays and lesbians who want to be buried next to other gays and lesbians. “I think it’s a good idea because it is about a sense of community, connection and because it’s a tradition,” says Jason Suggs, whose Dignity Memorial recently bought the resting place lot. Though it’s hard to tell how the LGBT-only section will really be different than any other area of the cemetery.

Being buried together as families is tradition within heterosexual families and having a gay section in the cemetery is another way for LGBT people to remain together as community, Suggs said. “With so many people having children, adopting children, this seemed like a natural progression,” he said. “Being surrounded by family is important to many.”

Well given that almost no family can go a generation without producing a gay, doesn’t that mean every corner of the cemetery is, by default, stacked with gays? Though to be fair, our rising from the graves is going to be so much more fabulous — as Denmark already knows.