Atlantic City Keeps Sexually Suggestive Gay Bar Naming Trend Alive

The first new gay (albeit “straight friendly”) bar to open in Atlantic City in years will be called Hookups, say owners Jose Rivera Sinclair (whose uncle is the president of Honduras) and Geoff Rosenberger, who are “creating a new ‘Gayville’ where dreams become reality.” As for what they’re calling the bar? “The name has as much to do with hooking up new businesses and ideas for Atlantic City as it does introducing people to people.” In that case, call it Grindr.

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  • slobone

    I still miss Popper’s…

  • JoeyO'H

    It’s about time someone is investing in gay nightlife in Atlantic City! Unless you count overpriced, str8 oriented casino nightlife, there hasn’t been any nightlife in AC in well over 15 years. Harrah’s just finished a successful OUT IN AC weekend last weekend- but nothing 365 days- this is welcoming news.
    There was a great gay night scene in the city in the 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s. The famous Chez Paree, the Saratoga (we would head down after a night at Gatsby’s in Cherry Hill), Rendevous, the Chester Inn, and the Brass Rail. There is one gay bar on the westside, but it’s not worth risking your life. There are bars on the doors and windows and you have to be buzzed in.
    So, this is great news for the old gayborhood in AC! Looking forward to it!!

  • Bruce Price

    I haven’t been in AC in years. During the mid ’80’s and into the very early ’90’s I worked in several of the gay bars. At that time there were only five bars (three owned by John Schultz) and one of them closed (Saratoga)so it was a very tight community. I missed the heyday by about five years. I suppose things will never be similar but it is nice to see someone investing again.

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