Attack, Arrest

“A gay Twin Cities man, the apparent victim of a hate crime, was badly beaten last Saturday. He claims a stranger approached him near 6th and Cedar Ave. South in Minneapolis, and asked if he was gay. The victim answered yes proudly, and the suspect hit the man in the face, yelling that he hated homosexuals. Abdirizak Mohamed has been charged with assault in the fourth degree with bias—a hate crime with enhanced penalties.” [Fox KMSP]

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  • fredo777

    He should of punched him back in the face.


  • Allen

    And this is why I am an amateur boxer.

    I know the neighborhood where it took place. It isn’t bad and there are a lot of Somali immigrants living around there. 99.5% of them are really cool, but that attacker is an idiot!

  • Shabaka

    I know a few Somalians and yes they are pretty homophobic. Not all, just some. Yeah that little stick of a man would have received a beat down like there’s no tomorrow!

  • alan brickman

    go back to your own country if you don’t like it here….

  • Bruce Church

    My heart goes out to victims of gay-bashings. That said, I agree with the previous posters. None of us are served by the perception that we are a peaceful loving people who will not physically defend ourselves or one another. Laws are nice, but they only come into play after the fact. Bash back. Seriously. Those of you who have successfully taken down an attacker will probably understand the tremendous sense of power and satisfaction it can bring. This isn’t about being big, either. It has to do with being ferocious and knowing how to hurt someone and being willing to do it.

  • beelzebab

    Interesting how it is a muslim doing the attacking

    Just like in amsterdam where muslim immigrants by their violent attacks on gays have destroyed Amsterdam’s reputation as a gay friendly city

    I would say that islam fucks the brains of its adherants, but I daren’t cos I would be shot down in flames


    Abdirizak Mohamed , Great! Oh beelzebab, between African Americans and the ever growing infiltration of muslims both those converted here(mainly blacks)and those native to the Mideast, Amsterdam will soon have nothing on us in terms of violent attacks on Gays. The future is looking brighter and more brighter.:/


    I know some Nigerians, Cameroonians, Ghanaians, Senegalese who are also EXTREMELY homophobic. Its not just East Africans that are violent homophobes otherwise some Gay migrants wouldn’t happen to be fleeing the African continent to places like Canada.
    At least that’s something subsaharans have in common with their North African and Mideast neighbours, at the end of the day they all hate Gays.

  • RPCV

    Well, if the victim had said “NO” then Abdirizak would have had no basis to smack him down……..

  • Todd's Rules

    RPCV…what’s your point exactly? That he deserved to get bashed because he proudly stated he was gay? That we should play it safe and always say ‘no’ when asked? Please elaborate your comment – I’m very curious.

  • Mr C

    Todd they seem to think only Dark skin immigrants are homophobic.

    Dont question sweetie

  • Andy

    Churchill-y. I am a subsaharan African. And I’m openly gay. And I have lots of friends. You really make some idiotically sweeping statements.

  • tallskin

    andy, surely you have sufficient brains to grasp (the quite simple point) that an exception doesn’t disprove the general rule.


  • Andy

    Tallskin — well, according to Karl Popper, it does.

    RPCV — you obviously don’t like being gay. You don’t seem to like other gay people. Have you thought about going for conversion therapy?

  • Allen

    Bruce is right. I was jumped last year when I was biking home from my gym and defended myself from my attackers. They ran away and I was unscathed. My favorite pair of jeans were torn up, but I was unscathed.

    I think everyone should learn some form of self defense. There are a lot of people that hate us for being who we are.

    That’s my opinion.

  • fredo777

    Ha. I just noticed that I said “should of”.

    * “should have punched him…”

    Allen beat me to it, but I was also going to suggest that every one of us should learn self-defense.

  • RPCV

    Andy: I have plenty of gay friends and they are men, not queers.

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